9 Luxury Hotels You HAVE To Boycott! Including The Super Instagrammable 'Beverly Hills'

9 hotels you have to boycott as owner introduces anti-LGBTQ+ law to Brunei

Today, the Sultan of Brunei has brought a law into force to kill LGBTQ+  people in Brunei by stoning under Sharia Law. I'm sure you're all agree that this is absolutely disgusting and barbaric, but what does this have to do with hotels?! Turns out some of the most iconic, and 'instagrammable', hotels are in fact owned by the Sultan of Brunei (Officially owned by the Sultan’s government wealth fund, the Brunei Investment Agency.)
By staying at any of the below 9 hotels you are endorsing what he is doing and putting money into his hands to do it. Enjoying a glass of champagne at The Dorchester in London or brunch at Beverly Hills suddenly has a horrible taste now doesn't it?

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Boycott These 9 Hotels:
1. The Beverly Hills Hotel - Los Angeles, CA. USA
2. Hotel Bel-Air - Los Angeles, CA. USA
3. The Dorchester - London, UK.
4. 45 Park Lane - London, UK.
5. Coworth Place - Ascot, UK.
6. Le Meurice - Paris, France. 
7. Hotel Plaza Athenee - Paris, France.
8. Hotel Eden - Rome, Italy
9. Principe Di Savoia, Milan, Italy.
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So what do we mean when we say boycott? Not only does this mean AVOID STAYING AT THESE AT ALL COSTS, also re-think where you're holding your girlie catch ups or kiki with your gays. No more posing outside the front of Beverly Hills (even though you didn't step foot inside). Have you posted an instagrammable shot from Beverly Hills? Time to re-post it to announce to your followers to boycott!
Admittedly we have visited Coworth Park in the UK and were even considering it as a wedding option until a follower messaged us to inform us that it was owned by the ani-LGBTQ+ Sultan of Brunei. So that was crossed off the list! the important thing is now we all know, and once you know, you really can't un-know... ya know?
Celebs such as George Clooney, Elton John and Ellen Degenerous are calling on others to boycott these hotels, as well as our friend, LGBTQ+ travel blogger, Ryan who first brought it to your attention.
Plus, Prince Harry stayed at Coworth Park the night before his wedding... so waiting to hear his views on the matter!
Please share this article to help spread the word and check out further steps you can do over on Ryan's blog

sultan of brunei introducing anti-gay law

9 hotels you have to boycott as owner introduces anti-LGBTQ+ law to Brunei

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