An Updated Tour of Our Home: Wegan Tour

Welcome back to Wegan Manor! 

We're constantly updating our house as we go and we often can't resist a trip to Home Sense UK when we're in the area. This has resulted in lots of changes to Wegan Manor and even a few more since some of these photo's were watch this space again soon!

Our Living Room:

One of our newest additions to Wegan Manor is our bespoke 'WM' pillow from Henry Dry Goods located in Lexington, KY. It also has grey suede on the back, which was a present to us from Whitney's mother.

In addition, the fluffy white pillows are from TK Maxx and the pink stool is from Home Sense UK. 

love seat with a bespoke pillow that says 'MW' by henry dry goods

We recently purchased a rug from Homesense UK and we are absolutely loving it! You'll see more of it in the upcoming pics.

a pic of living room including, sofa stool, chair and plants

Spot Nalo doing her yoga pose!

We are obsessed with house plants and have so many throughout the home. 

We love coffee table books! Plus, Whitney is currently reading 'Good Vibes, Good Life' by Vex King. Very inspiring and highly recommend!

Our house feels so spacious with an open plan design.

Our Dining Room:

One of my favourite corners of the house. The ghost chair, pillow and stool are all from Home Sense UK.

What better to go next to the above than your very own bar cart! This was a gift from Megan to Whitney on her 28th Birthday and it was hand made to order from Swoon.

The epic candlesticks on the fireplace mantle are from a local home store, Huttons Home.

This pale pink shelving is from, you guessed it... Home Sense UK!

Our Bathroom:

In our bathroom we found this wall art appropriate, ha! It was gifted to us by The House Outfit.

We're loving the new shea collection by The Body Shop (read more about the new shea collection in our post.)

Our Kitchen:

Having a wine fridge in your kitchen is always a good idea! The top is for White's and Rose and the bottom is for Red. Each level has ambient temperate controls.

One half of the kitchen with some of our favorite cook books on the top shelving. Also, the whole integrated kitchen is designed by by Kuppersbusch, a German company

Knock, knock, it's Gin O'Clock±

Our Bedroom:

A few updates the bedroom (also been updated since these pics, watch this space). Also, our spare room has been updated but haven't been able to take any pics yet. 

The rug is from Home Sense and we absolutely love it and as is the big white mirror. 

That's it for our updated tour, hope you enjoyed! Comment and let us know if you want to see more home decor on the blog. 

See more of our house over here.

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