How To Make The Ultimate Cup Of Vegan Coffee

how to make the best vegan cup of coffee

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We are both huge fans of coffee and over the years we have perfected our coffee at home to be oh so perfect that we miss it when we're travelling! We wanted to share our special vegan coffee secret with you. In the UK we are sad that we do not have access to vegan coffee creamers, and as vegetarians, we have chosen to not drink milk. We have tried so many non-dairy milks in our coffee but it would just taste watery and wouldn't hit the spot. Until we found the perfect solution...
how to make the best vegan cup of coffee


The Coffee:

the best coffee is monsooned malabar y waitrose
We recommend buying beans and grinding your coffee fresh. Our ultimate favourite coffee is Monsooned Malabar by Waitrose. It has a strong, dark and robust flavour that is oh-so-tasty. 

Psst. These coasters are by anthropologie.

The Cream:

vegan oatly cream for coffee
We have found that Oatly chilled single cream is THE best to use in coffee to achieve a creamy taste and texture without watering it down. It is available in the refrigerated section in the supermarket and it will. change. your. life. The refrigerated version is a black carton, where as there's a version in brown that you can find on the shelves but we tried this and didn't like it.

Different supermarkets stock it, so you'll have to check your local options. For example, near us the Waitrose in Windsor doesn't stock it but the Waitrose in Maidenhead does. We've found Oatly cream in Tesco's but have yet to find it at Sainsbury's. 

vegan coffee creamer

PSA: please all UK super markets can you stock it! (& no this post is not sponsored, and Oatly please create some different flavoured coffee creams ok?!) 

It varies between 0.89 - 0.95p per carton. Buy Oatly Chilled Creamy Oat here.
We have found that Oatly Barista edition works as a back up and this is better in tea than the Oatly cream.

Whipped Cream:

vegan whipped cream
We were delighted to find a vegan whipped cream by Food Heaven. About time! We found this at Tesco and now our vegan coffee has reached it's ultimate level of YASSS!
vegan whipped cream

The Sugar:

brown sugar with stevia
We prefer to use brown sugar with stevia. You don't have to use as much as you would with white sugar as it is sweeter. 
brown sugar with stevia

The Tools:

caftiere / french press makes the best coffee
Our favourite coffee is from using a cafe press aka cafetiere. We find that this produces more of a thick, velvety texture which we love in the morning. We tend to use a chemex or drip coffee machine if we want a coffee in the afternoon.

caftiere / french press makes the best coffee
Also, life is too short to not use mugs that make you feel happy, we have so many cute pink mugs haha.


  • Grind beans and add to cafe press / cafetiere (Megan pours beans up to where the metal part in the grinder ends and turns to clear plastic)
  • Boil water and wait for a few seconds after it boils to pour it over your coffee
  • Mix coffee with a spoon and put the lid back on (do not push it down yet)
  • Leave coffee to brew for 5 minutes and then push it down (not too fast as it can go everywhere with too much pressure!)
  • Pour coffee into your fav mugs 
  • Add in sugar if you like your coffee sweet. We add in just under a tea spoon of the brown sugar stevia. 
  • Pour in Oatly cream to your liking. 
  • Add vegan whipped cream. 


Let us know if you try it and what you think!

how to make the ultimate cup of vegan coffee

how to make the ultimate cup of vegan coffee

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