The Best Lesbian Christmas Movies 2019

best lesbian christmas movies

Amongst all of the wonderful, cheesy Christmas movies (which don't get us wrong, we love) you may be seeking a Christmas storyline that features lesbians! So we present to you the Best Lesbian Christmas Movies! We'll admit, this list of isn't a big list as it only features 2 movies and 1 TV series... but hey it's better than none!

1. Let It Snow - Nextflix (movie)

let it snow netflix

The first on our list is a new Netflix Christmas movie, 'Let It Snow'. As you can see from the cover image, there's quite a few characters involved who all live in the same small town. Spoiler alert below - there's a lesbian kiss! Not once but twice! The story line involves a confident openly gay girl and a closeted gay girl... that's all we'll give away for now and we enjoyed the movie as a whole. Yes we're still waiting for a lesbian storyline to be the main plot to a movie, but this is a great step in the right direction. 

lesbian kiss in let it snow netflix movie

Watch the trailer to Let It Snow:

2. Merry Happy Whatever - Netflix (TV series)

happy merry whatever netflix

If your after an easy watching TV show with a lesbian storyline this Christmas, then we think you'll enjoy Merry Happy Whatever.  Netflix is well aware that we love to binge a TV series, so they've released a Christmas themed sitcom (with canned laughter). We started watching it and honestly we were not sure if it was good or bad, but we couldn't stop watching it. Then we started to realise that the character played by Ashley Tisdale is into women and not out yet... so then of course we had to see how her story lined played out! We really liked her character and warning: the last episode just may make you well up! 

lesbian character  played by Ashley Tisdale in happy merry whatever netflix

Watch the trailer to Happy Merry Whatever:

3. Season of Love - Tello Films (Movie)

season of love, lesbian christmas movie
Tello Films brings us Season of Love, a "Queer Holiday movie", likened to Love Actually with the stories interconnecting. It's great to have finally an option to watch a lesbian movie made by the community, for the community. 
You can rent or buy Season of Love online or even gift it to someone here.
lesbian christmas movie, season of love
Watch the trailer to Season of Love:

4. Carol

Ok Carol may not be the cheesy Christmas vibes that we're looking for... but it's still gives us all the lesbian feels and they meet while Carol is shopping for a Christmas present! What more do we want? (A cheesy lesbian Christmassy rom-com but this is still a great movie!)

Watch the trailer to Carol:
While we're on the subject of Christmas movies and lesbians, if you missed the recent Hallmark fiasco then we'll give you a quick run down:
Hallmark channel removed an ad by Wedding Planning site Zola that featured a lesbian couple getting married and *shock* *horror* KISSING! As if it isn’t worse enough that we have to endure Christmas cheesy plot lines of MEN kissing WOMEN (😱) but they listened to a petition by One Million Moms to remove the “offensive” ad and then guess what?!... Hallmark received A LOT of complaints, including a petition from Glaad and CEO of the media company that owns Hallmark channel issued an apology and said that they would reinstate the ad. Well that’s a start - let’s just wait and see for our lesbian Christmas cheesy rom com that we all deserve!...
We love that Netflix took this opportunity to tweet “Titles Featuring Lesbians Joyfully Existing And Also It’s Christmas Can We Just Let People Love Who They Love” along with images from their film “Let It Snow” and TV series “Merry Happy Whatever”. Two movies are better then none, but we deserve MORE! (please). We're hoping this has lit some fuel for there to be more LGBTQ+ Christmas movies in 2020! 
whitney and megan , a married lesbian couple, kiss
Do you know of any other lesbian Christmas movies or TV shows? Let us know in the comments below! 
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