Desenio: The Answer to the Perfect Gold Frames

feature wall in bedroom with desenio gold frames and customised wall prints of a woman sketch, wedding pic and a pink shelf

We're so excited to bring you a few of our latest updates to Wegan Manor, which is all possible because of the perfect gold frames and personalised prints from Desenio.
We've been updating our home a lot lately over the past 6 months, despite living here for over 8 years. We are in the mood for change and jazzing up your home can definitely fulfil that need.
We found that one way (which gives instant gratification) is having the right frames to hang your wall art that are stylish and good quality at the same time. We've wanted thin gold frames for our pictures for years and have never found the perfect ones... until now!
It's such a funny story of how we both discovered Desenio gold frames. This past Christmas we purchased each other some snazzy wall art and were desperate to find the right gold frame. As we are always thinking the same, we ended up both ordering the same frames from Desenio and they arrived on the same day! It's safe to say it definitely caused confusion, ha! 


Close up of gold frames with sketch of woman print.

We used to have black box square frames on this wall, and wanted to lighten it up. We added pink shelves to the wall as well as decor items that represent us, and a framed wedding pic and prints. 

The gold frame with the outline of a woman is a print from Desenio, as well as the gold frame of course! This was a gift from Megan to Whitney for Christmas. Megan ordered size (21x30) with this gold frame. (It's currently on sale with 25% off!)

Close up of gold frame to see the quality

Megan also framed this print of our wedding location, that we had in a tube for a couple of years, waiting for the perfect frame! (The size is 50x70cm

Palm springs map frame with gold desenio frame

Whitney gifted Megan a beautiful print of the stars alignment when she found her on Myspace back on 24th December 2006. Of course, Whitney also ordered the perfect gold frame for it to go in! (Size 30x40cm.)


feature pink wall in lounge with gold frames

We recently updated our feature wall in our lounge (more on that to come), with gold frames from Desenio helping us to achieve the look we were after. We love having bespoke touches through our home that are reminiscent of special times in our life. We were so happy to find this personalised Desenio print which we customised with our surname, wedding location and date. As well as adding "true love prevails" at the bottom, a nod to our long distance days. (The prnt and frame are size 30x40cm.)

Large Desenio gold frame with desenio Mrs and Mrs custom print

We're also absolutely loving this vibe including the frames and wall art as it's so 'Wegan Manor'!


Desenio have so many prints that we could order for our house and we've included a few of our favs below:
We'd love to have this print of a pink pay phone in our home office.

This pastel pink palm print would be perfect for our bedroom.

While we're not huge fans of Kate Moss per se, we really like this iconic print. 

We hope we helped you find the perfect gold frame. Tag us when you get these stunning gold frames on your wall! Follow @weganmanor for more home inspo.
*This post is a paid partnership with Desenio and all views are our own. 

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