Whitney in the Kitchen Launches E-COOKBOOK!

I'm Whitney in the Kitchen and I love to cook food for my wife!

I'm super excited to be launching my digital cook book! Get access to 10 delish vegetarian/ vegan and gluten free recipes for only £9.99. That's under £1 per recipe!

Hi y'all! I'm a Southern girl, born in Tennessee and raised in Kentucky. I then lived in Hawaii for 6 years and have ended up living in Windsor, UK, with my wife Megan.

My food creations are inspired by my southern roots and island life, as well growing up with a Korean influence from my mom's best friend.

My wife has been a vegetarian for over 22 years, and I didn't want her to miss out on some of my fav foods so I adapted them for her. Over the years I gave up meat (goodbye Southern BBQ) and became vegetarian. We often eat plant based/ vegan foods, as well as gluten free.

vegetarian, vegan and gluten free recipe cookbook

You'll find 10 delish dinner recipes, which can all be adapted to meet dietary requirements.

vegetarian, vegan and gluten free recipe cookbook

If you like my recipes and make anything, please do tag me @whitneyinthekitchen on instagram and Tik Tok!

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You can also buy my cookbook via etsy if you prefer.


Whitney xo

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