Sunday, 16 May 2010

2 Days!!!

Wegan News:


So the big Wegan update is that Whitney is arriving in the UK in a mere 2 DAYS!!!!! I honestly cannot believe that she's going to be here so soon & for so long. But needless to say, we both can't bloody wait! Whit will be here until August so a nice long Wegan filled summer! HOLLA!

Whitney News:


Whitney's currently in Kentucky visiting family & friends before jetting herself to London.

Megan News:


I've just handed in my last ever essay for my masters!!! (Still big fat dissertation to do though). I also turned 23 last week!

In Other News:

What Wegan Did Next is featured as the editiors blog pick at The Lesbian Lifestyle blog- go check it out!!

Many Wegan filled updates to come ;)

M x


  1. It sounds like you are both going to have an awesome summer!!

    Lacey (an old classmate of Whit's)

    Follow me too, if you like!

  2. Aw thanks Lacey, we'll try our best to keep this thing updated! Will follow your blog, your life seems pretty damn interesting :)

    Megan x


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