Thursday, 20 January 2011

Inspiring Quotes & Future Posts

Lately we have been sent some inspiring messages or quotes, so I thought I would share some with you.

From Facebook:


Not an international couple hey? Love it!

This message we received on tumblr and it really meant a lot:

Whenever I feel down (which has been increasingly often these days) I'll go to your blog and tumblr and find strength in knowing that it is possible. It is possible to find that one person for you and once you do, nothing else will matter. Your love story helps me so much more than any “It gets better” video ever could because your love is authentic.

Click here if you want to read the full message.

We also received this great poem from one of our lovely followers:

"Thinking of You Everyday
People always have this to say
That distance will make love drifts away
If out of sight you have to stay
Out of mind it will be one fine day.
For me I know my love will never sway
No matter how many miles between us lay
Without you near the days may be grey
But this love inside me makes everything ok.
Love is not always as flimsy as they portray
Because when absence comes into play
The heart simply grows fonder without delay
I know mine does as I think of you everyday."

Lastly, thought I'd include this quote from our friend at Lacey In The City:


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M x


  1. Ok..i will say it.. HELLO :) Im Kim and i live in sourthern sweden with my girlfriend, the love of my life. And i really love reading your blog, its hard to find these kinds of blogs.. with girlcouples :) I always get so happy when i read it! Wish you all the best.

  2. Why HELLO Kim! Thanks so much for reading our blog, & even more so for even saying hi. It's great to hear from those who follow us, as we'd rather call you friends. So glad to hear our blog makes you happy! I looked at your blog, and obviously cannot understand it, but just to say you seem to have great fashion taste and your rabbit is SO cute!

    Keep in touch and feel free to submit to our 'love stories' section.

    Wegan x


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