Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone, we hope you have a day filled of love whether you're with your partner, family or friends.


Happy Valentines Day to my beautiful girl Whitney <3

We have yet to share Valentines Day together, but we still celebrate it as best as we can because even though we're worlds apart, we're still near in heart <3

I love you so much!

Yours forever,

Megan xXx <3>


  1. You two are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Megan, I am British as well and I loooooooooove American girls! You lucky girl! Whitney look so American as well.... me likey.. hehe!

    Seriuosly tho girls, I do not think I have ever seen a couple as beautiful as you two and you look so in love that it's insane.

    When is the wedding is all I have to say?! I look forward to that post!

    I wish the best to you both

  2. Hi girls!

    I love this post so much, the video is beyond sweet and I can clearly tell you two care for each other in an unbelievable way that you don't see too often.

    I have been reading about your story and how you two met and it is just amaaaaaaaazing. At the end of the day it is all about love and experiencing all it comes with.

    I do have a confession, I went to high school with you Whitney. This is why I'm anon and I cannot reveal myself. I too am a lesbian and it's so hard to come out as I know you can relate. I always looked up to you so much in high school for who you were. You were always so nice to EVERYONE no matter who they were and you said something very touching to me one day that I have never forgotten. You were out of the closet and did not care what anyone thought. Though you were still popular (I'm sure becuase you had a good heart and were genuine) I always knew you would succeed and I cannot believe how well you are doing, well actually I can. You always were a go-getter so I'm sure that is still in you. I know that you know me, and maybe one day I can reveal myself...but you should know that you had an impact on my life from the start. I wish I were as brave as you and I can only hope to find someone as beautiful as Megan. I am a sucker for the accent ;-)

    All my best to Wegan!

    p.s. hope to see you both at the reunion one of these days!

  3. This is all so sweet.
    To be young and in love!

    I'm so glad that glaad posted your valentine!

  4. Laura- Thank you ever so much!!! So sweet of you to leave such a lovely message. Haha the funny thing is Whit's obsessed with the English accent ;) I know what you mean, Whit does lok American!

    Haha as for the wedding... it's deffo on the cards for the near future. I'm proposing so just wait & see :)

    Anon- Wow your comment blew us away. Whit is going to comment after me as we think that's only fair seeing as you know her! All i can say is thank you! & that we understand why you want to stay anon but if you ever need anyone to talk to then please do drop us an email at Evidently we wont judge! Keep strong <3

    Alma- Aw thank you! & yes we're so pleased Glaad featured our story.

    Thanks all!

    Megan x

  5. Anon! It's Whitney here! Wow..I am SO intrigued to who you are?! That was very sweet of what you said about me and I am glad that I made a difference in your life. I do know what it is like to be 'out' in that town that's for sure. It was a bumpy ride at first...but it did get better! Though I do understand why you are anon and seriously, if you EVER want to talk about anything, please do not hesitate to email me! Also, maybe give me a hit as to who you are? ;) Thanks for reading our blog though and being a supporter!

    Whitney x

  6. Awwwwwww what a beautiful love to stumble on!

    I'm with Laura, when is this wedding? Why are you the one to propose Megan? Is it something you both agreed on?

    If I don't hear of a proposal soon, then I may propose to Whitney Meg! ;-) Is that ooook? haha, I am only joking with you Megan.

    If you don't mind me asking, (as you both look femme) who is more of the dominant one in the relationship?

    You both are lucky ladies. Megan, I envy you as my dream lesbian girl has long blond hair, light eyes, pretty smile and white teeth. I promise I'm not superficial LOL. Obviously they have to be just as gorgeous on the inside as out! You are also a very beautiful girl Megan. I was unaware that lesbians as gorgeous as you both existed in real life.

    Just so you two know, I would do ANYTHING in the world to have what you two share. Count your blessings every day for what you have. Continue to love like you never have before and never give up on each other. From what I have gathered form your blog, if you two ever ended then I would give up all hope on love all together.

    Best luck in the world to you both and I will be sure to stumble here again soon.

    Justine <3

  7. FML Megan is sooooo HOT... What'a that song? "most beautiful girl in the world...."xxx

  8. Hi Justine!

    It's Whitney here! heheee...well the wedding will could potentially be taking place in a couple of years...I think 2013, but Megan isn't sure if she likes that number LOL. She is proposing because we are both afraid that I may ruin the surprise as I cannot seem to keep ANYTHING that is of excitement in. Also, she is just amazing at surprises and I know she will make it incredibly sweet/special...Eeeee I can't wait!

    We are equal in all aspects of the relationship from dominant to not so much!

    Awwww...that is SO sweet of you to say that I would be your dream lesbian..really?! Lol I was shocked..little ol' me?! I think I am the lucky one with Megan as she was EVERYTHIGN I ever wanted...she is flawless and the most amazingly wonderful person I have ever met and I do indeeeeeed count my blessings every single day for her.

    Dont' you worry, Wegan is forever, so you won't be giving up on love anytime soon!

    Please do stop back by!

    Whitney x

  9. You two look so happy<3
    This blog is filled with love.
    Happy Valentine's day!

  10. is is that I was not following you?!? I wondered why I never saw you on my feed after e-mailing a bit, and when I went to your page I noticed I wasn't sorry, I thought I was! :)

    What a lovely post and video to your cute and super sweet!!! You are both adorable together!

    Liesl :)

  11. Thank you Lale!

    Liesl- Ummm how is that?! haha. Yay that you are following us now ;) Thank you for all your sweet comments! <3

    Much love
    Megan x


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