Friday, 11 March 2011

Tsunami Warning For Hawaii

As I'm sure you're all aware, there has been a devastating earthquake and tsunami to hit Japan. Our thoughts and hearts go out to Japan.

As you may also be aware, Hawaii has received a tsunami warning with it estimated to hit Honolulu at 3.21am. Needless to say we're rather worried by the unknown and what is to come. Everyone has been told to vertically evacuate and all the telephone lines are clogged up so I cannot get through to Whitney. Fortunately we were able to webcam and she is safe and in a no-flood zone.

For those who want to get live updates, watch here.

With 1 week exactly to go until I am on my way to Hawaii, I was planning on doing a rather different post today! I just hope that there is no extensive damage from the tsunami and that Wegan will be in each others arms in a week.

I will update this post after the wave has hit.

Thank you all to those who have reached out to us!

Baby- I love you SO much, stay safe!

M x


  1. Am thinking of you guys so much right now xxx

  2. I just got up and saw the warning on the news and thought of you two. I'm glad to hear Whitney is in a safe place. Be safe!

  3. After first selfishly thinking of our honeymoon, North Shore, beachfront rental house, I thought of you two and was concerned about your well being. I know now everyone appears safe in Hawaii but what a scare! Keep us updated.

  4. Keep Safe Whitney. Sending positive vibes your way.

  5. Thank you everyone for your thoughts & concern, thankfully nothing truly hit. What a scare indeed!

    A bicycle built for two- You're going to Hawaii for your honeymoon?? :) When's that?

    M x

  6. Growing up on the west coast, I've been fortunate enough to vakay in HI several times (hanalei, kauai being a fav) but Ang has never been and we only have a week for our honeymoon so we wanted something relatively confined, relaxing and private (no massive resorts, no insane amount of territory/history to cover). We are so excited - especially after this abnormally cold NYC winter, to relax, sit on the beach, drink, have sex, and do a limited amount of other things. We arrive 4/17. Can't wait.

  7. So tragic about Japan, I cannot imagine the devastation of the earthquake, the tsunami and the volcano... I completely feel for everyone affected.

    I also thought of you girls when I heard about the warnings in Hawaii. I hope W is keeping safe and this will not affect your travel plans to her corner of the world. Perhaps she will have to make her way back to you ;)

  8. I've been praying all weekend for Japan and all of the areas they may have been affected.



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