Friday, 27 May 2011

What Wegan Wore: BIG Rings!

So sorry for our lack of posts. Things have been really busy lately with Lauren & Harry visiting, Whitney graduating, plus our engagement! We also sadly have had a series of bad luck, ending with Megan's bag being stolen when we went camping. It included her camera, cam corder, purse, Dolce & Gabanna glasses etc (!!!). Needless to say we are devastated! We are working on our What Wegan Did Next update... as well as bringing you the full proposal story soon! For now we thought we'd share with you What Wegan Wore.

We are obsessed with accessories. Most the time when we're at the beach we don't get to wear many due to fear of losing any (Whitnney always loses one of a fav pair of earrings) & obviously the impracticality when sunbathing! So when it's time to dress up we love nothing more than jazzing up an outfit with accessories.

At the moment we are particulary loving BIG rings (& bright nail varnish):





We purchased the last fabulous rings from Daf on Tumblr, visit her store here.

We hope that you are having a lovely day and not missing us too much ;)

Wegan X

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  1. Can I just tell you how much I love big, bold statement rings!!! I have tons of them and call them my "power rings!" LOVE them and they look great on you! I also just purchased some hot pink nail polish to spot this summer, which is new for me, but I love it! Oh yes, and I seriously need that turquoise ring you have that keeps popping up in your blogs...I am in love!!!

    Liesl :)


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