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A Love Story ♥ Melina & Sebastian


Whilst Megan is away, she thought she would treat you to another beautiful long story. This time it comes from Melina who, like Wegan, she knows the pain of long distance relationships all too well. Check out her blog Only A Flight Away! Here is their story:

Melina & Sebastian


It all started back in 2009. was my obsession back in those days. Hopping from one fotolog to another, I found Sebastian's fotolog. It was love at first sight. I left him a message saying I added him on MSN. Ya ladies.. I had to talk to this guy! Next thing I know I am sitting in front of my laptop full of butterflies in my stomach, chatting and laughing with him like if we known each other for years.


After a couple of months I decided to go to Buenos Aires, Argentina and finally meet the guy that made my heart beat so fast. December 17, 2009 I arrived in EZE Airport. As I walked to the waiting area, I look up and saw him smiling right at me. I started shaking because I couldn't believe we were steps away from each other. He walked really fast until we meet eye to eye. He hugged me so tight and kissed me. Oh boy did I fall for this guy.

He grabbed my hand and took care of my luggage.

I couldn't stop staring at him the whole drive home.

He kept repeating over and over again:

"I can't believe you are sitting in my car".

It was just perfect


We spent a whole month together. The best summer of my life. FYI : In Argentina it's summer time around December =) Then I had to leave him. My family, my friends, the place I call "Home" and my job were ready for me to come back. Going back to the routine was harder that I thought. After spending everyday with Sebastian, I knew my days would not be the same without him. I felt completely empty inside but I didn't let the distance get to me. Instead, I decided to plan out my next trip out there.


Went back in June 2010 and boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Bariloche, Argentina.

All those months that we were apart, he worked really hard to save money so both of us could have an unforgetable vacation together. Once again, I had a great time with him. He makes everything better. I enjoyed the Winter in Argentina like never before.


My last trip was in Feb 2011. I already miss him like if i haven't seen him in years. I need him more than ever and it gets harder and harder by the minute. Everyday I wish for this to be over. For him to be able to come and spend the rest of his life next to me.

But I will not let the distance bring me down! This is almost over. I get my citizenship in May 2012 and will get Sebastian the fiancé visa. When I least expect it, he will be packing all his belongings to head to the airport. I am reallyexited for what the future is holding for us. I can't wait to pick him up at LAX and finally start this journey together.


Aw we really do wish them all the best & we cant wait for them to be together again! Plus, look at this cute banner melina made us with our favourite quote


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  1. Ahhh so sweet! I did two years of long distance with my fiancee....and now it feels soooooooo good to be together. You guys will be together in no time, and then you'll look back on those years of long distance and think....HOW DID WE SURVIVE THAT??? ;)

  2. awww the post is just perfect!
    thank you so so so much!! <3
    i am glad to share my story with you guys
    and everyone that follows your blog .. it
    only keeps encouraging people to be strong
    and not give up on LDR :) The feeling is amazing
    and i can't wait to see him again.

    :) kisses and hugs !!!!!!


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