Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Got Questions for Wegan? Q and A VIDEO!

The time has finally come for Wegan to do a Q & A video!

Yes that's right, you ask the questions, and we answer them on camera... Simples!

Always wanted to ask us a question? Send us anything, serious to silly we don't care! Want to hear how we differ pronouncing words? Send them our way!

Also got a couple of Wegan mentions:

Firstly we're featured on the great lesbian website When Sally Met Sally. Check it out!

Also we've been in touch with the lovely Denise from the radio show The Lesbian Lounge. They'll be featuring WWDN on their show within the next week or so... and we will be bringing you Denise's love story of how she met her wife (it's great I tell ya!)

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  1. I'd love to know your hopes and ideas for your wedding. I'm sure it's a ways away, but I'm a romantic and totally into (lesbian!) nuptials these days. Excited for the video!

  2. Yes, I agree with Alissa!! What kind of dresses/wedding themes are you guys thinking of? And, WHEN are we finally gonna see that darn engagement video?? :)

  3. My question is, have either of you ever received any negative feedback/comments on your blog? If so, how have you dealt with that?

  4. You ladies are so beautiful, I visit your blog often and have recommended it to others! My question: Do you think straight women get more plastic surgery than lesbians, since women are perceived to appreciate each others bodies much more than men are perceived to? What is each of your individual opinions on plastic surgery, and how would you feel/respond if the other wanted to undergo a procedure?

  5. Cats or dogs? Sunrise or sunset? Summer or winter? Coffee or tea? Chocolate or vanilla? Morning person or sleep in? Coke or pepsi?

  6. My question: Because you two really have travelled EVERYWHERE and back together, as lesbians, have you noticed differences in the way you are treated and the way people act around you depending on where in the world you two are?

  7. TRULY hope this isn't too crude and doesn't offend you, but I've been looking through your pictures and both of you have TO DIE FOR BIKINI BODIES. But I must note, Megan - you have PERFECT boobs! I am so jealous, and I just have to ask - are they natural?


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