Saturday, 15 October 2011

Coming Out Video + Please Help A Little Grieving Girl!

We've had quite a few requests to tell our coming out story, so here is mine. Sorry it's a bit long and boring ;)

On to something more important, yesterday I found out about the sad death of a little boy, and a request for his sister to meet Justin Bieber as a result of this shopping list she gave her mother.

This is the mum's blog, and you can read about the horrid tragedy here.

This blogger is trying her best to make it happen that this little girl meets Justin Bieber. Go to the blog to read the full post. Tweet & post about it to try help awareness & make it happen too!

Have a GREAT weekend and always be thankful for the loved ones you have in your lives <3

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  1. M&W, thank you so much for posting this, about Margaret's wish to meet Justin Bieber! The story is such a tragedy, and I can only imagine what the family is going through. That was such an awful week in DC, the weather was just atrocious, and then this...and there were a few other deaths also. I plan to blog about it next week! xxx

  2. I wish I had your strength and courage right now! Team Wegan forever.

  3. Ya'll are too cute. Seriously love the "real life lesbians" page. So glad you are having a great time in the US and glad you stopped by my site and let me know that you did. Looking forward to having a better look around ya'lls awesome place :)

  4. Loved hearing your story and how wonderful that you can be so open about it...I think that is a great quality! Sorry about the reaction of your mother at first and I can only imagine how difficult that must of been since most mother want to please their mothers whether they want to admit or not...but I love that she slowly came around! :) Love that your family accepts you and Whitney...that is great and you both deserve to be happy and have those around you happy for you! I sure am!

    Liesl :)

  5. Great coming out vid! So true that you never stop coming out - it's such a pain to have to set people straight (pardon the pun) when they make assumptions about your partner. Glad that your family are all cool and that things got better with your mum.
    Laura xxx

  6. Thanks for recording this. I really loved hearing your story. I wrote my coming out on my first blog. Though I really need to write again on my current blog. Thanks again....Kara XOXOXO


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