Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy Halloween!


Halloween weekend is finally here! We've started to see quite a few people dressing up in costume. I do love seeing what people dress up as! Being from the UK we don't have such a Halloween culture as America does. Also my mother isn't a fan of Halloween so it wasn't something we celebrated much growing up, and I've never been trick or treating (waa!) So I've never done much for Halloween, where as Whitney has done something every year apart from the last year. Do you love Halloween and get into the spirit of things?

Here's a little run down of Halloween since Wegan began...

Halloween 2008

Whitney & I spent Halloween 2008 together and we had a fun night out in London!


Halloween 2009

Whitney as a devil in Hawaii

Megan as a bunny in the UK (with a little help from her friend)

We didn't do anything for Halloween 2010, & for Halloween 2011 we're going to be celebrating together but staying in. We hope to have a little dress up and do some fun 'Halloweeney' things in the house- any suggestions of what we should do? We're belatedly getting some Halloween decorations tonight and we're hoping to go to a pumpkin patch tomorrow and do some fun pumpkin carving!

What are your Halloween plans? What are you dressing up as?

Have a great spook-tacular weekend!

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  1. Britney and I are going out this evening as a sailor and a 50's pinup girl :)

  2. my crazy boyfriend decided that we "needed" a fog machine and black light for the front porch....! I suppose we will carve our pumpkins tomorrow, and I will also do some baking! hope you get some trick or treaters on monday! xx

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  4. You two are so darn beautiful! Mike and I are not dressing up...we are at home, staying comfy inside with the snow outside! Can you believe we have snow for Halloween!?

  5. You two look very hot in your costumes ;o) Happy Halloween!

  6. Have you seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show?? That's a very Halloweeny thing to watch! Also it is a musical, which may be why I love it so much. We went to see it in the cinema last night and are writing a blog about it right now! However if neither of you happen to have seen it before, you may watch it at home together and think 'what the hell is this?' so I suggest you go see a production of it or something haha!!

    Hope you girls have a great Halloween night in! L&S xo

  7. Can I just tell you how HOT you two ladies look!! OMG!!!! If your girls were single I might be stalking you ;) Kara XOXO
    PS Don't tell Jess :O

  8. This year it's the kung-fu movie heroine of "The Bride With White Hair" for lil' ol' me and my sweetie is going as Cammy from the "Street Fighter" video game....

    Can't wait till tonight!!

  9. You make such a cute playboy bunny! I hope you both enjoy a Halloween in together!

    Liesl :)

  10. You both look gorgeous!
    i dressed up friday and saturday
    check it out .. i post the outfits
    this morning =)




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