Love Stories ♥ April & her Soldier Krystal


You may have seen this lovely lesbian proposal video flying around on the internet when it recently went viral. It shows April being reunited with her soldier Krystal and giving her a ring at the airport in a very cute way.  We loved the video and we are thrilled to feature their love story on our blog.  April tells us what the video was really about and how Krystal actually proposed to her.  We are also pleased to feature our first lesbian military couple on here; good riddance to Don't Ask Don't Tell! Read on to see what being a military girlfriend is like...

Love Stories ♥ April & Krystal

My name is April (right) and this is my soldier Krystal (left). We have been together for going on two years in April. We have had ups and downs like any other couple but we have made it this far. We met through a mutual friend. I remember my friend telling me how Krystal thought I had beautiful eyes and to let me know that. My friend had told me and after that I got her number and we started talking immediately after. I'll never forget it.

The way I edited the video actually made it seem like I proposed to her at the airport, but that really wasn't how it went AT ALL. I had actually bought her a ring that says "Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart," and just wanted to be silly and give it to her at the airport. It was just a Christmas gift, to be honest.

Before she had left for BCT we had gotten a promise ring. A few weeks before she had come home, I wanted to get it cleaned so I took it in. The cleaning job sucked and when she got home I told her about it, so she decided to take it into her own hands. She took the ring in and apparently 'my stones were lose' so my ring had to 'get fixed.' She had something up her sleeve, and I could tell. A few days passed and she planned on a night at a hotel with just us for December 22, 2011. We packed up our Christmas presents, and our bags and were planning on having our Christmas at the hotel. She treated me to a spa day, I got a massage and a mani and pedi, then our plan was to go up to wherever she secretively planned to take me. She ended up telling me after my spa day that the plans had changed and that instead we were going to go up to see some family and we will have to reschedule. Of course, I was upset. Not because we had to see her family, just that since the day she got into town we hadn't had really 'US' time. I got over it, and we headed up to Bisbee, AZ to see her family. We had finished up there and she wanted to go look around Downtown Bisbee because she lived there a few years ago, and graduated from there. I was sort of irritated and just wanted to go home. She ended up parking, and we got out and started walking towards the Copper Queen Hotel (a haunted hotel that I have ALWAYS wanted to stay at). I was cold, irritated and hungry. We walked inside and all of a sudden she says "Yes, I have reservations for tonight." I looked at her and about died.

We got our stuff from the car (presents, bags, etc.) and went up to the room. We were opening presents and she all the sudden pushes the presents out of the way and says "I need to talk to you about something." I was a little concerned. Anytime a significant other says "We need to talk," or anything on the lines of 'talking' is sort of scary. She started telling me how much she loves me and then all of a sudden got down on one knee. Immediately I started tearing up. She pulled out a box and opened it. It was my ring along with an extra piece to it. She asked me to marry her, and I lost it and started crying. Of course, I hugged her and said yes. It was the most intense moments of my life that I will never forget. After that, we got ready and she had made reservations at this nice restaurant. It was pretty much the most amazing night of my life. The next day we did a mine tour, and had some coffee. It was that time for us to leave, and while we were  driving out of town it started snowing. If anyone knows anything about Arizona, it doesn't really snow much so it was a big deal to me. Best two days OF my life.

Being a military fiancé is hard. Even though this whole journey has just begun, it's already hard. When she left for Basic in October, it was one of the hardest things I had ever gone through. We had been attached at the hip the whole time we had been together. Being without her wasn't really an option to me. Towards the middle to end of September I would randomly just start crying. Picturing her not being next to me, broke my heart. She left, and as soon as she did I IMMEDIATELY was trying to find a way to get her address. I finally found her battalion's Facebook page, and felt a little better. Not being able to talk to her whenever I wanted or seeing her whenever I wanted really took a toll on me, but in the end made my love for her THAT much stronger. Seeing her for the first time since she had been gone was amazing. You can even see that in the videos that in that moment nothing else mattered in the world. Just her and I.

The only thing that really bothers me about being in a gay military relationship is the fact that we do not get the same benefits as straight couples do. We do not get BAH*, we do not get the chance to be recognized as a married couple if we were to have a marriage license. To me, and I don't mean ALL straight couples, but a lot of them don't understand what it's like to not have these 'rights' that most straight couples have. A man can marry his sister, and that's okay. But I can't marry the woman I love because she is the same sex as I am. I would kill to be able to marry the one i love, but because of stupid laws I can't. Yeah, DADT is gone- that's a HUGE step. But DOMA is still out there making it so that I cannot get medical insurance, or housing, or anything like that when it comes to the military. I AM a a soon to be Army wife, and when I become one, I will still technically not be one according to the government. I just really hope that it changes.

** BCT=basic combat training/basic. 
BAH=basic allowance for housing. 

Thanks for sharing your story with us April! Love how Krystal proposed, and also the reality of you being moody haha. We, of course, know how hard long distance is. We can't imagine how the additional stress of being in the military must impact on this. We wish them all the best and hope that the strive towards equality in the military carries on. Can't wait for the wedding!

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  1. Such a wonderful proposal! Great love story! xo

  2. awww seriously how adorable!
    the video made me tear up a little bit ... i get so emotional when
    it comes down to airports and
    getting reunited with your loved one

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  3. Bless what a sweet story... The Haunted Hotel sounds fun
    I hope things change for military gay marriages xx

  4. These two are gorgeous and what a lovely couple they make!!!!

  5. what? no postings of letters you sent to her when she was away?


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