Love Stories ♥ Laura & Sarah


We are very excited to bring you this lovely love story from a fellow American & British lesbian couple. They have their own blog which is fantastic, so go check it out! They blog about what they love and give you some fun facts every Friday.  Just recently they'd been to Moscow & Paris, and they also know how to cook. Dayam they put us to shame! Without further adieu we present you Laura & Sarah, take it away girls!

Love Stories ♥ Laura & Sarah

Thank you Megan and Whitney for asking us to tell our story on your wonderful blog!


Like Wegan, our love story is transatlantic - Sarah (the brunette) is British born and bred, Laura (dark-ish-blonde) is American through and through. Our love story didn’t exactly start with a bang - in fact, it was quite the opposite! In October 2008 we both joined a training company in London – sat at opposite ends of the office, and our first impressions were less than stellar. Sarah thought Laura was the ‘obnoxious American’ and Laura thought Sarah was ‘the quiet girl in the corner’. But a few work nights out later and working long weekends ‘just us’ brought us closer together. We were both dating men when we first met, but as soon as we started hanging out alone we realised that there was something more between us.

Sarah was the first to break-up with her boyf and Laura followed shortly after. Awkwardly Sarah’s ex worked at the same company and sought Laura’s help to win her back….  he hadn’t realised that we’d been getting a whole lot closer. The flowers he gave to Sarah were re-gifted to Laura and the notes he wrote went unanswered. Our relationship however was blooming. Having never been in a girl-girl relationship, the feelings we shared were a complete surprise and (with a little Dutch courage) we took the next step in our relationship after a work/birthday night out.

From that moment forth we have spent no longer than 3 weeks apart! Laura had a family trip to Australia already planned and she left the day after the party…..Facebook chat was constantly used. Sarah was back in London somewhat love-lorn, and Laura was in Australia walking on the beach and telling her wonderful Mum how she felt about Sarah.


On her return to London, Laura stayed with Sarah (in her room) and what was meant to be a week in between flats turned into over a month. Eventually Laura moved out but we think it’s fair to say we spent EVERY night together from then on! Laura’s new flat-mates didn’t realise they were getting a 2 for 1!

Highlights of 2009 included flying to Idaho for Laura’s 21st birthday and meeting her amazing family, road-tripping to Vegas (11 hours non-stop driving and worth every second). We are never happier than when we are travelling somewhere together, whatever the distance, wherever the destination - as long as we have each other it’s always a great trip!

We continued to work together until January 2010 and then our grand escape plan was put into action – we up and left to Australia FOR A YEAR! Moment of madness or rush of love, whatever it was, it was the BEST decision EVER! Australia was chosen for a number of reasons:  1) we both had family there, 2) it was the other side of the world, 3) we wanted to leave the working-world and get as much time together as POSSIBLE – oh and it being much hotter than the UK was a bonus!


Flying via Singapore we arrived in Adelaide, where we grape-picked, visited family and hired a car to drive the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne. From there we flew to Sydney and found our home for the next 10 months. Thanks to Laura’s family & friends we had all the support we needed while we found our feet/ apartment/work and before we knew it we were living the dream. Our flat was shared with an Australian banker (who was thankfully never there) and we had beaches at either end of our road – AMAZING! The time we had together in Australia (and working together again) made us stronger than ever….and we got to hang out with Laura’s family. We had love, support and an AMAZING life there. Damn Sarah’s visa expiring sent us back to London via a stop-over at Laura’s parents in the US of A.

We landed in Idaho ready for ski season and had a wonderful pre-Christmas period. A night in a log cabin in the snowy mountain area of McCall was the most romantic night we’ve ever had! Sarah left for London just before Christmas, and that was our last 3 weeks apart.

Our life restarted in London in January 2011, we moved into an amazing riverside apartment and are back working together (no idea how we manage to get so many of our jobs together but we do work best together). We have our plan, and 2011 was just the start.


Not to announce anything too soon, but let’s just say by the time 2012 is finished we should both be rocking some extra bling! We may not have had the craziest of love stories but having been in relationships before, we both knew that when we found each other it wasn’t something we could ignore. We live together, work together, exercise together, have the same friends and HATE being apart. For girls who previously thought that seeing a guy 3 nights in a row was ‘intense’ and got bored within 3 months of being with them, what we have together has been life-changing.

As we approach our 3 year anniversary and start saving towards our future it’s fair to say that we believe we found our ‘forever’ with each other.

As with every good love story we’ve focused on the best bits – there is one dark spot worth noting, however. Sarah’s family remains persistent in their animosity towards our relationship, refusing to acknowledge Laura and choosing to stop Sarah speaking about us as a couple to anyone within the family or to people who may know anyone in her family. As 2012 progresses we hope this changes – there is certainly plenty they will miss out on if it doesn’t!


So far we have travelled to France (on a boat, by train and by plane), seen New Zealand in a camper-van, driven round the Isle of Wight, been to Aberdeen and back, to Blackpool, to Brighton, to Bournemouth, to Portsmouth….been up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and bungee jumped in Queenstown. We’ve seen sunsets on beaches and sunrises over the Red Square, we dressed up as Queens, as ladybugs and bees, as an angel, a devil and as Rocky Horror characters too. Found our way through Singapore and enjoyed Naples sights, driven from Idaho through Utah to the bright lights of Vegas, had BBQ’s, takeaways, roast dinners and Thanksmas! Spent time with amazing family and met life-long friends we will treasure forever, we started a blog, bought a car and even matching phones….and best of all, we did it not just as girlfriends, but as best friends too.

Don't you just love their story and how they met? I can't get over how much they've already done together and by working AND living together it just proves that they're meant to be. We're super excited for when the time for bling to be adorned on their fingers happens. We hope that with time Sarah's mum comes around to accept them and take part in their lives. We look forward to double dating when Whitney has moved over :)

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  1. Aww thanks so much for asking us to do it again and for putting this up!! We are SO excited about it - we are so proud of it and are very happy to share our story with you!

    And we are looking forward to the double dates - COME ON WHITNEY, MOVE TO THE UK ALREADY! ;)

    Love you girls!
    Laura & Sarah xoxo

  2. Soooo cute... And you have been to so many amazing places together :)) x

  3. Yay! Great blog post. I love Laura and Sarah and miss them both greatly. Maybe they will take a break from globe trotting and head back to Idaho for a bit. :)

  4. Another cute couple and sweet love these!

    Liesl :)

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  6. Wow. What an amazing couple. I hope that Sarah's family have since come around to accepting you both. I'm jealous of all your travelling.


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