Sunday, 12 February 2012

Au Revoir!!

We are off to Paris at the very early hours of Monday, we have to catch a 6.59am train to get to London ugh - but will of course be more than worth it when we arrive at Paris just before midday. We are all packed and off to bed.

We are staying at the foot of the Scare Coer. Beautiful!

We can't wait to see the eiffel tower and just explore Paris.We are away until thursday. Don't miss us too much!

In other news, we had a very successful blate (blogger date) with Laura & Sarah. They are such lovely girls, and an adorable couple! 

Here's a quick video we recorded in the Apple store before meeting them!

We will update you on EVERYTHING once we have time, promise.

Au Revoir & Bon Jour Paris!!

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  1. Super excited for you two!! Ren & I have plans to go to Paris in the future too. Do check out the lock bridges if you've not done so already. :)

  2. enjoy Paris! I went just once, when I was living in Luxembourg, and that was so long ago! xx

  3. hAVE A BLAST IN pARIS. i AM sooooooo JEALOUS

  4. I miss Paris! Hope you have a fabulous time!! xo

  5. Have a great time.... I miss Paris sooooooo much xx

  6. Have an awesome time and take lots of cool pictures :)
    S& L xx

  7. Hope you have a BLAST, but I know that you will and can't wait to hear all about it and see your amazing pictures, as always! Safe travels...I'm a little jealous! ;)


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