Love Stories ♥ Gina & Samantha

A great story of when a 'chapstick' meets a 'femme', and find true love over bonding sessions at Starbucks. Our kind of girls!!


Love Stories ♥ Gina and Stephanie

My partner, Samantha, & I just celebrated our three year anniversary January 4th. We met our Junior year in college- at a Catholic Women Centered University in Pittsburgh, PA. I was an Art Education major, & she was a Business Management major. She happened to enroll in a 'Women in Art' course, that her advisor made her take for a required credit, but I on the other hand was looking forward to this course! The first day she walked into class, she caught my attention, but I was in a four year relationship that had been on & off at the time. I also never assumed she was a lesbian, she was very femme & didn't have 'the look'. I considered myself to be 'chapstick', but later on Sam informed me that she knew I was gay since the first time she seen me (with my jeans, Uggs, & North Face) – that's why she chose the closest seat to me in class. She continuously tried to grab my attention during lecture by tapping the girl who sat in between us, but of course I had all eyes on the professor because I was enamored with the class! I kept thinking to myself 'Why is this girl being so rude in class during lecture?!'. Unfortunately half way through the semester someone stole Samantha's laptop. This was right before mid terms, & she only took notes on her laptop. She came into class the following week, flustered about what had happened, & the prof asked the class if Sam could borrow anyone's notes - nobody offered. I couldn't believe it. So, of course, I handed her my freshly handwritten notes, shorthand & all, to copy before our exam. She was so grateful. One thing led to another, & we began chatting more during class breaks. Our insane attraction to each other was obvious- but I was still in my rocky relationship. My girlfriend at the time had wanted a break, & I was the one pushing to stay in the relationship because I don't believe in 'breaks'. Well, meeting Sam pushed me away from the unhealthy relationship.

Needless to say, Sam ended up getting a B+ on that midterm she had taken using my notes, & we started studying together. During this time, we would meet in the library & try our hardest to focus. It was very difficult, and probably not the best idea. I would get so nervous around her that my chest would break out in red blotchy hives. One word – embarrassing. I've never felt that way, ever. I knew she was trouble.

We had a huge project due at the end of the semester based on Women in Art – this was something I was looking forward to since the beginning of the semester. Sam & I were spending a lot of time together by now, and I had broken it off with my girlfriend. We shared our first espresso down the street from our school at Starbucks, & I know this sounds cliché, but I knew she would end up having my heart. I couldn't believe that I had came across someone so beautiful, smart, and single! We talked for hours about so many things. I looked forward to this class every week, because I knew I'd have a chance to see her. We spent so much time together, that I ended up staying up until 6 am the day before our project was due on the phone...mostly talking, but also helping her with her art history lingo. The rest of the day needed to be dedicated to finishing our projects. Which turned out successful. An A for myself, & a B- for Samantha (which she was happy with, not being an Art Major). Class was officially over, & I was hoping that our relations weren't.

She was sort of 'dating' another girl at the time we had met. Dating to some people means seeing strictly one person, & to others means seeing multiple people. I define it as being in a relationship with one person – I'm not a fan of 'dating' multiple girls (as some lesbians are lol). Over break, she came with me on a New Years trip (this was after we'd known each other for about 5 months), & I told her how I felt about dating other girls. I asked her to be in a relationship strictly with me...& she said yes. Needless to say, we live together now, & have been committed, & inseparable for three years. She's the one, & I knew it deep inside my heart since we shared our first date at Starbucks.

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  1. We've been craving another great love story! A great read! xo

  2. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show you some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :)

  3. How beautiful is this post?? I love it!!


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