Thursday, 15 November 2012

Progress of Wegan Manor Part 1!

Wegan Manor!

If you follow us on instagram then you will have seen the step by step progress of Wegan Manor, but for those who haven't seen it yet (or just to refresh your memory)... We have three instalments of our Bedroom, Kitchen and Dining Room (Lounge still to be developed). 
Here's what we've been doing to change Wegan Manor from a house to a home...
When we first moved in, it was a little bit bare and definitely had no homely feel to it...

Then Whitney came along...

The Bedroom

First came the blow up bed... 

Blow up bed, fairy lights: Huttons, Duvet cover: Laura Ashley

and then the mattress... 

Mattress: John Lewis

and then the bed itself!!

Bed: Next

Bedside Table: Next

New bedside lamps: Argos

TV finally on wall, and chester drawers in bedroom!
We have a Samsung TV that we use an HDMI cord to plug into our laptop to stream all our favourite American TV shows, we love a night of watching Dexter, Homeland, Modern Family, Criminal Minds and Breaking Amish! (Evidently all not in one night...) It was an amazing feel having the TV in our room, renting from Blockbuster for the first time and watching 'Think like a man' in our bed all nice and cosy. Ah- living the life! We're such grandmas!!
As you can see there is still a lot more to do to our bedroom but it's getting there! We plan to change the wallpaper behind our bed to a light grey and put our wall quote that we won by Urban Wall. Can't wait to get it up!!
Hope you enjoyed the first instalment of the progress of Wegan Manor.. and that you like what you see!
Stop on by next week we'll be bringing you our kitchen and dining table!

Wegan Manor
Making A House A Home...

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  1. so pretty! where did you buy your bedroom set?>

  2. Oh my gosh - cutest bedroom ever! I am laying in bed right now watching Criminal Minds as well. The difference would be that its my bfs apartment and its a total boy room : im on my laptop, no tv! I have snowman sheets that have been on here since September, the laundry basket is a cardboard box, the bedside table is a outdoor stool with a stain on it. You could say I have bedroom envy aha Not exactly livin the life but it will do!

  3. Wegan Manor is looking Very Nice :) Kara XO

  4. Your new place really is looking fantastic, and I love the twinkle lights!!! :)

  5. I really, really like it! And it livingroom? Where you have the table you painted? It's my favourite room, and I had to show the pictures from there to my mum as well and she fell in love :D! She's completely into decorating her home, too, and was disappointed she couldn't 'like' the pics on Facebook :D!


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