Tuesday, 29 January 2013

[New Video] How We Met + Endorse Gay Marriage!

We'll clearly on a roll with the videos lately. We have got many, many requests for us to make a 'How We Met' video so you know what?... We did just that! For all those who are new to us, or think you know the story, have a watch and find out!

Also, as a side note the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill was introduced to parliament on 24th January. MP's will be debating this issue dear to our hearts on 5th February. Stonewall, the gay rights charity, have made a call for all those gay and straight who support gay marriage to write to their MP to tell them so, and hope that they will support the bill. To find out more, visit Stonewall's website

We have written to our MP- have you?

Hopefully this will mean our wegging will indeed be a legal WEDDING!

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  1. aww, this made me cry a bunch of times. my boyfriend and i met on the internet and are still long distance. im from an island in the atlantic ocean on the east coast of canada and he is 5500mi away in california. i had that same feeling the first time i talked to him - i just knew something was happening. i dont know where the road will take us, its hard and long distance sucks, but i treasure every moment with him and im so excited to be back there in march. you guys are so inspiring and if you can do 4 years of long distance then i have hope my relationship can beat the distance too.

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