Friday, 1 February 2013

Calling All Femme Lesbians! A Night Just For YOU!

Calling All Femmes!

Ever dreamt of a night out where you didn't have to endure the stare of a heterosexual man, or wonder if a feminine girl at a gay bar is straight or into the ladies? Well, get your glad rags ready for next Saturday when the group 'Stilettos' launch on 9th February in London. Not only is this a place to possibly meet your future wife, it is also a time for you to meet like minded lesbians and to no longer feel like the only femme in the world. We think it is a fantastic idea and much needed for the femme lesbian community! Hurray for Femme Visibility!

Where: Cos Bar- 148 Queen Victoria Street, City of London, EC4V 4BY (closest tube Blackfriars)
When: Saturday 9 February from 9pm-2am
By: Stilettos
Movie star Victoria Broom is backing the campaign saying:

"Feminine bi and gay women can feel excluded in gay bars, because they look straight, and straight men hit on them due to the way they dress. They need a place to meet and interact with similar women. Stilettos will break down the fear barrier and allow these women to interact in a safe environment.”

Femme lesbians will takeover an entire floor at one of London’s most popular lesbian nights, Bijou: The Cocktail Social for Gay Women. 

While this is a chance to dress up and show off your feminine side, stilettos are not obligatory, as spokeswoman for Stillettos states: “We’re also about fun, and our tongue-in-cheek name reflects that – but even femmes wear flats!” 
Don't forget! 
Stilettos@Bijouis on Saturday 9 February from 9pm-2am at Cos Bar (Queen St) - 10 pound door entry includes ‘free entry’ to Stilettos. 
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  1. SO unfair! I don't live in the UK. :(((

  2. I have to second Kira's comment! I so wish there was something like that here, too, but noooo, we only have one gay club in Tampere and it's a tiny place where only gay men in their 50s and 60s go.

  3. Thank you so much ladies, and we hope to see you there!! Anyone wanting more info about Stilettos and our mission to start a Femme Revolution please see!

  4. Aww, I'd love to come to this, but I almost feel bad because while I am very much femme I'm not single OR a lipstick lesbian. I like "dem butch ladies." Le sigh!

  5. I'm coming and am so excited!! I just watched your video on youtube The Experiences of a Feminine Lesbian, everything that you say is so true! I used to get the 'but you are too pretty to be gay' and 'really noooo your not gay' in gay bars. Recently not so much, perhaps because almost unconsciously toning down looking so femme, but not really thinking I've been doing it.

    Tomorrow night I'll be wearing a dress :) xxxx

  6. Thanks for sharing……………………..
    "gay men


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