Well Done 2011

Today I'm blogging for a bigger issue that involves us all coming together.

Lauren from the fab blog Aspiring Kennedy contacted us to help spread the word of their campaign to raise funds to help those less fortunate than us. So what are we talking about?

Fundraise for clean water!

Imagine not having access to clean water. We take it for granted, whether we're bathing in it, making a coffee or simply enjoing it for what it is. (I for one an obsessed with water, and always have a bottle with me..)

Charity: Water is a non- profit organisation bringing clean water to developing countries.

Following on from a previous successful campaign, where Aspiring Kennedy and many other blogs raised money to help, they are trying o do it again. This time the goal is $5,000.

A water well for 250 people can be built with $5000.
Drilling equipment can be purchased for $5000.

So please, try give up that Starbucks or cocktail today annd donate $5. Together we can make a change. Please pass this on to your followers as well!

Donate here. There are only 10 more days left!

For more info and banners go here.

Also, check our Wegan's christmas wish list on Only A Flight Away. Want it all!! hehe. What's on your xmas wish list?

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