Gay Marriage Is Now Legal!

29th March 2014 will go down in history as the significant day when gay marriage finally became legal in England & Wales!

Welcome to Marriage Equality!

It's crazy to think that Civil Partnerships have been legal for 10 years in the UK, and that gay marriage is finally into law. We're very grateful for all that Civil Partnerships has done for us as an American- British couple, but we are so grateful that gay marriage is now legal. They have not yet announced the date for when a Civil Partnership can be converted to a marriage, but we hope it will be this year! (& most definitely before 2015, when we actually get round to finding our venue and setting a date!)

UPDATE: we got married!

Congratulations to all the lovely same-sex couples getting married today! & for all the years to come! We wish you all a very happily ever after!

Tonight we will be celebrating at Attitude magazine's 20th birthday bash, also in honour of gay marriage. We are featured in Attitude's special edition 'Love & Marriage' out now! You can buy a copy online, download it from the App Store or buy it at WHSmiths in the UK (we havent been able to get hold of a copy yet!) 

To all those who have bought the issue just to see us in it, thank you! & thank you Attitude to featuring us!

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