Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

lesbian couple, whitney and megan, kissing on new years eve at Edinburgh's Hogmanay

Happy New Year!

We brought in the new year by attending Edinburgh's Hogmanay; keep an eye out for a blog post and vlog soon! We can't believe that 2019 is already here. In Wegan tradition, we will be looking back on what we hoped to achieve in 2018 and what we actually did, as well as our hopes for 2019!
Let's recap on what we thought 2018 would bring... 

2018 is the year of the unknown and it's the scariest and most exciting year yet as we're hoping to continue working for ourselves!

It sure was an unknown year, with ups and downs as entrepreneurs (as any entrepreneur will tell you!) but we've achieved so much, had lots of opportunities (as well as knock backs) and managed to keep working for ourselves - hooray!
  • Our biggest plan of the year is to travel even more! Italy, Canada, New York City, San Fran, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Florida.. you name it, we want to go. We're just excited to see where we end up going!
WELL, 2018 turned out to be our biggest year of travel, although we didn't get to tick off all of the above but we also got to visit and experience lots of new places (and some old!) We travelled to 8 different countries in total. We visited Mid-Wales (to adopt Nalo our puppy!), Stockholm, Sweden (with LGBT Stockholm), Extremadura (with Visit Extremadura) and Madrid, Cannes, France (with Google), Gran Canaria (to stay at Seaside Palm Beach), Vienna, Austria (with Visit Vienna), California (West Hollywood & Palm Springs), Maui & Oahu, Hawaii (to stay at Fairmont Maui, The Moana Surfrider and Royal Hawaiian on Oahu), Orlando, Florida, Tennesee & Kentucky (to celebrate Thanksgiving), ending with a trip to Edinburgh for Hogmanay (with Visit Scotland).
  • To continue to bring you even more content via the blog, YouTube and our social media accounts.
Think it's safe to say we did this, as well as launching our joint @whatwegandidnext instagram account.
  • Create more Find Femmes events in the UK and even globally!...
This was often something we discussed and looked into but alas we had so many plates to juggle. This will definitely still be a focus of Find Femmes going into 2019, as well as growing it's community.
  • Brew more of our B.A.B.E. IPA.
Oops, unfortunately this did not happen (despite lots of you asking) but we have a few fun ideas, so watch this space!

  • Whitney to celebrate her 30th Birthday!
That she did! With a lovely celebration in London (at an Aperol Spritz event and dinner at Sushi Samba) as well as a party at our house. Unfortunately she started to get ill over her birthday and ultimately came down with mono / glandular fever and hepatitis of the liver as a result. Whitney was ill for a long time and it really has knocked her health back.
  •  To focus on what makes us happy. 

No alarm clocks, meaningful breakfasts and coffee, time with our puppy and getting to work and travel together. I think we found what makes us happy!...

Here's a few more highlights from 2018:

A few fav moments/ photo's from 2018:

What does 2019 hold for Wegan?

  • More travel! Canada, Italy, Thailand, Finland, more of Florida are just a few on our list. Excited to see where our travels will lead us!
  • We have begun the process of writing a book! More information and updates to come.
  • Baby Wegan! We're going to embark on the process towards children, which may or may not fall into 2019! Ah!
  • Continue to grow our businesses!
  • Focus more on our blog! This is where it all started and it has been neflected over the years. We've started to get more back into blogging and really enjoying it again, so make sure you subscribe via email or bookmark it to come back often. Also let us know what you'd like to see us cover in our blog posts?
  • Continue with frequent and consistent Instagram and Youtube content and get to connect to more of you lovely people.
  • Host more LGBTQ+ nights in Windsor and to grow the community.
  • Whitney beginning the process to becoming a private pilot

Let's see what happens!... What are you hopes for what 2018 will bring for you?

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