Sunday, 24 October 2010

Megan's Gay Rights & Rants


Well lately I seem to be posting a lot about gay rights and whatnot, which will not surprise those who know me as it's always been a passion of mine for many many years! Even though it is completely un-Wegan related, it is a part of me and ultimately a part of Wegan as these are issues very dear to both our hearts. It's just that I'm the active ranting one ;) So with that all being said, I bring you another new section I have entitled 'Megan's Gay Rights & Rants' (coz that I'm just that cool!). I'll try not to inundate you with too many of these posts, but I'm sure some of you out there will appreciate them.

This week I bring you some great influential & inspiring videos which are definitely worth a watch. These have either been circulating around the web or submitted to me (so if you come across anything you think I'd love please do send it my way!)

Firstly there has evidently been many 'It gets Better' videos flying around the internet by many various gay and straight celebs to instill support and hope. I think it is great that Barack Obama joined in with promoting this poignant message, so check it out here:

I think the following video is very clever, and is also a view point that I often operate from. So next time someone asks 'when did you decide to be gay?' ask them, 'when did you choose to be straight?'

Following the same sort of theme, this 17 year old girl has been reblogged a lot with her interesting explanation to 'what does it mean to be a lesbian?'

Last in the video bombardment, I hate the use of the word 'gay' as a pejorative, and these ads are brilliant in trying to challenge it. Here's one featuring Wanda Sykes & another with Hilary Duff:

Knock it off!!

And finally, there was a horrific news story a couple of days ago about how a newspaper in Uganda published the 'top 100 homosexuals' in the country, accompanied with pictures and addresses. This is just simply so shocking/awful/terrible/disgusting/scary/hateful. It's also a big eyeopener to the fact that we cannot live in a little gay bubble thinking homophobia is a thing of the past. It still exists in the our country in one way or another, and it explicitly exists in other countries, such as Uganda, where being gay and loving one another is a crime. So be thankful for the world that we do live in, but don't get complacent about the lives of others around us.

M x


  1. HELLO! This would be my first comment here. I think? And I warn that it may be a long one. Sorry.

    Anywho - First I just wanted to say that I do heart your guys blog. Its pretty amazing to see that you can find the love of your life, and distance doesn't hamper that at all.

    Second, I live in Africa - more specifically I'm from Botswana. Bots, (by comparison to most African countries), is a very modern and progressive place where our most significant export is diamonds. However, there are some laws here that make it feel like a 3rd world country - mainly that being gay is illegal here. When caught in the action its a straight 7yr prison sentence.

    I can understand the mindset of the people in Uganda (to a point). Let me explain – African culture is so hypocritical, its ridiculous. Most countries will say that being gay is wrong and against the law. The same countries will be considered a religious, conservative country where family morals are regarded highly. IN THE SAME COUNTRY, guys like married Politicians and upstanding business men will cheat on their wives at every given opportunity, and see it is as their right and there is nothing wrong with it. I see it all the time in my work: these well educated, well travelled individuals who would call gay being a sin but cheating is not wrong. Its ingrained into society here in Africa.

    Its wrong, yes. But in order for it to change you have to change millions of peoples viewpoints - generations of individuals who have their “culture” ingrained into them.

  2. Hello Tau,

    Wow thank you for reading our blog & secondly for leaving such a great and interesting comment. Thanks for taking the time to shed some more light on the Uganda story. Still can't get over the fact you can go to prison for 7 years for being gay?! Speechless!

    Please do stop by again!

    M x

  3. Megs, you should look up the work of SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda). Had great honour of dinner with one of their staff a few months ago. Is really complicated issue, but good to know that there ARE people working for change.

    Rhi xx

  4. Wow you did? That's amazing! You must tell all!! Will look them up.


  5. ... damn the site is down at the moment!


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