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Hey all,

So I've been thinking about the fact that we set up WWDN not only to bore you all with the journey of Wegan, but also to enlist a tiny spark of help/support/encouragement/reassurance to lesbians out there looking for love or anybody in long distance relationships. However clearly we're not the only couple like this, so I think it would be great to feature on here YOUR stories of love. Whether you're LGB/straight, in LDR or live together or down the road together. If you've got a love story to share, we want to hear it!

Are you a couple who have made it through the odds? Are you going through LDR or have you made it to the other side? Have you found your soul mate, your one & only?

I just think it'd be great to spread some more love & happiness through the world. <3

So if you want to be featured, please drop us an email with story & a pic (5 max) to whatwegandidnext@gmail.com. (Or for those that 'know' me just pop me a message on facebook). I'll probably post a love story once a week.

I look forward to hearing from you!! :)

M x
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