Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What Wegan WILL Do Next: Dec 2010-May 2011...

Hello lovely readers,

Obviously on here we blog a lot about what we've been up to, but you may be wondering- what does the future for Wegan hold? Well here's what's coming up in Wegan World...

Immediate Future:


1) Whitney is visiting for the Christmas holidays! Unfortunately she won't be spending Xmas day with us like last year, but she sets off on 26th December & she arrives on 27th December! EEE! Can't wait to be all festive & cosy. & of course, mistle toe kisses! We have some plans to go on a double date with my sister and her boyfriend by going to Winter Wonderland in London. Wegan skating? Oh dear, let's hope we don't break anything! (Especially my Dolce & Gabbana glasses.. think I may wear contacts haha). We're also hoping to go to the Ice Bar in London as never been there yet.


Plan for 2012:

2) Whitney is still studying at the University of Hawaii and she will (hopefully) be graduating in May 2011 (you can do it baby!!!) I'm hoping to go out to Hawaii for a little bit & witness my baby graduate! (Will also finally meet her father, eek! hehe)

3) Whitney will move to the UK!!!!!


Yes that's correct, Whitney is leaving her island (& American) days behind to move to be with me in the UK! We can't wait!!! At the moment I'm living in Cardiff (Wales) but as my family live near London, we'll be heading London way & getting our own Wegan flat! Can't wait for us to decorate it- lot's of Wegan pictures, hearts, London/ Paris/ Hawaiian influences! What a mix!

Then what?

Well, we'll be living in the big scary world of work with both of us completing our education (finally!!!) Eventually next will come the cat! & of course one day marriage & children... but we've got a few years to go just yet! (& if you're wondering.. I'm going to be doing the proposing!)

So in a nutshell that is Wegan's immediate, near and far off future plans!

What do you think?

Only 20 days until reunited!


M x


  1. Very nice! Awesome that you will be together in two weeks!!!!!

  2. So nice that she will be there for the holiday.

  3. I had to post a comment to say thanks to both of you for sharing a bit of your lives. Reading your blog at times makes me laugh and cry. You are both beautiful women inside and out and it makes me feel so proud to be a lesbian. Seeing the love you have for each other and how happy you both are gives me hope that online/long distance relationships can work out. I wish you all the best, happy holidays!

  4. Anon 1 & 2- Thank you, so exciting!! Nearly 9 days now! :D

    Anon 3- Wow thank you for leaving us such a lovely, kind & thoughtful comment. Your words mean a lot & makes doing this blog even more worth while <3

    Merry Christmas to you all!


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