Friday, 8 April 2011

Help Wegan Win!!

Hey everyone, please help Wegan out to win tickets to visit the big Island!! Click the link below... and please share it with your friends or simply click 'like', tweet it or share it on your blog.

HA Aloha Passport Promotion: Photo

Please spread it around as much as you can! It ends tonight.


Wegan X


  1. Hey Wegan! I just wen to the link, but am not sure what we are supposed to do we "Like" you on facebook via the link below your picture or fill that little thing out that says "Like What You See?" I would love to help you out and have you win..and you pictures look like out of a magazine! Love it!!!

    Liesl :)

  2. Thanks Liesl we knew you'd want to help as you're just the sweetest! I'm not sure if we get anything if you just click on it via our blog. They don't really explain! Maybe just like it & tweet from the actual page? & if you could share it on your blog that would be awesome!!

    Thanks so much! X

  3. heyyy! i clicked the link! does that mean i voted lovlies? muah! have an amazing weekend!

  4. good luck! i just ran across your blog a few days ago and i love following your adventures! youre living in my dream place right now, lucky lucky! i am stuck in georgia for the time being :P but am working on visit HI soon and definitely transplanting someday in the future! anyways, thanks for the awesome blog! :D :D

  5. Thanks Jamie!

    MAHALO to you Hannah! Glad that you love our blog and ooh yes you must make it out to HI! Loooove it here. I wont want to leave come June ah! Make sure you visit us again :)

    Megan x

  6. You two are so adorable! I sadly, am just catching up on my blog and I think its too late to help. I hoe you won!! xoxo


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