Wednesday, 13 April 2011

WWDN Vlog #2

Here's What Wegan Did Next Vlog #2. Sadly it doesn't seem possible to fit in doing a weekly vlog but we'll try to do as many as possible!

Our Weekly WWDN will be posted within the next couple of days.

Also we're always on the look out for visiting great blogs so please recommend your favs our way.

Wegan X


  1. oh you guys are so fun!! haha major car dancing sounds just like me :P and ugh why do most dudes have to be sooo perverted and say crap like that, grosss

    ps i replied to your video on tumblr but i posted here too because this seems to be a lot easier!

  2. Thanks girl!! We check both tumlr & here but this is our main blog. Ugh I know guys can be SO perverted.. wish I could record everything that's happened/ been said to us recently... it's insane!!

    M x

  3. Really fun ladies! Can't wait for more Wegan videos! You two help me stick with the notion of love. Thank you! I hate when guys say stupid stuff. I was super overprotective so I would say mean things back and they would apologize or walk off! It was always some dumb guy just after a peck on the lips that would go crazy! ugh

  4. awwww love your videos...
    Lala and I are starting a blog.... just in the process of setting it up <3 xx


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