Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What Wegan Did Next Vlog #4

See what Wegan got up to a few weeks ago. We must have been in a pretty funny mood, promise we weren't on anything haha. Look out for the 'twins' story, is pretty amusing!


Wegan X



  1. So FUN and I love that people think you are twins! Funny thing is that my younger sister and I get that we look like twins all the time, although we don't think we do, just similar.

    Anywho, people would always ask us that growing up all the time and we would say no, and then one time someone at a hotel asked us if we were twins and we said no, then, they said are you sisters and we laughed and almost said, "no, brothers" as a joke because the question became all too common! LOL!

    Oh good times!

    Liesl :)

  2. cute <3 the beaches look so pretty... adding Hawaii to our never ending list of places to
    we often get asked if we are sisters... i think it is cos people can tell we are close but cos of the age diffence and cos we are both femme, don't assume we are together... xx


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