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Lez Get Real!


I can barely believe it myself, but here we are back to long distance and just Megan posting by herself with no lovely input from the 'W' :(

On Wednesday I watched the first episode of a new lesbian reality TV show which lead me to this post about the recent focus on real life lesbians. Firstly it must be said that I support the portrayal of lesbians in 'real' life so to speak, as representation of all types of lesbians has been very neglected over the years. It is the stereotypical lesbian that is still most often thought of, and with the lack of lipstick lesbian role models, following real life lesbians helps change this image. Of course, the stereotypical butch lesbians do exist and it is still important to reflect this in the shows. There seems to be an influx of lesbian reality TV and so I will discuss the latest lesbian shows. Lez Get Real!

The Real L Word


I'm sure there are many out there who watch (or watched) the Real L Word & now the 2nd series of the Real L word. Apparently this series had a lot of criticism due to what type of lesbian is was reflecting (I guess the professional type!) and also the lack of diversity. Now lack of diversity I agree with. However, they have maintained mine (& Whitney's) least favourite character as the main character.. ironically named Whitney.


To many she represented a real life version of Shane from the L word. We personally can't stand her and she makes us cringe. Furthermore, to shift to a more 'real' life experience of lesbian life, it seems this time round they have resorted to sex, sex... and more sex. Personally for Wegan, this isn't a good thing. Evidently we are not prudes, however we feel it just lowers the whole class and tone of it all. Yes lesbians have sex, yes lesbians have great sex. Do I want to see real life people do it for the sake of camera and most likely fame?... No. To me I want to like the person I'm watching & see myself in them... if they then just decide 'hey I have no shame, I'm going to show me butt naked masturbating/ going down on a girl' I immediately think 'no thanks'. Read this blog, it's hilarious & pretty much sum it up to a T.


Aside from all this, and the fact they have got rid of the most likeable characters, and in our eyes the most relateable for us- namely Nikki & Jill and then Tracy & Stamie, they have however brought in new characters we do like. Whilst the reason for Claire being in LA (& of course the show) seem a bit skeptical (living with her ex to figure our her feelings whilst staying with her girlfriend back in NY)... she seems rather nice, drama free (& lets face it, beautiful) and is setting up a new lesbian magazine An Initial (something we want to do one day). So far I really like the style and content of it and look forward to see where it ends up. There are also her ex Francine and her current girlfriend (both pretty Asians) in the show who come across as normal and likeable.


They've also added in a married couple (with one butch) trying to make a baby. Now this is a story I think is very interesting, informative and needed- not only for lesbians who are going to embark on the same journey but to also educate heterosexual people and families. There is also the more butch character of Sajdha, who recently came out and transformed herself from queen to butch. She also has an active role in gay rights which I think is a brilliant and importance addition to the show. All in all, I'm not 100% convinced the 2nd season is a better version of the first one (which they are trying to portray) but I still love the series and will continue to watch weekly.

Lez Be Proud


From L.A to the very different scene of Texas is the new web based reality TV show, Lez Be Proud. It features two (lipstick) lesbian couples and follows their lives- drama free! This is personally more the kind of shows and portrayals of lesbian life that I want to see.


Debbie & Dawn seem so in love and very much remind me of Whitney & I. I look forward to their future episodes and particularly excited to be following their wedding plans. Whilst its a shame its only online, it is beneficial to those outside of the USA to be able to watch it (hooray!) I definitely recommend watching it.

Real Housewives of OC


Whilst in America I must admit I got rather addicted to watching the Real Housewives and was pleasantly surprised to see they have a lesbian addition to the Real Housewives of Orange Country. From what I've seen Fernanda seems like a good portrayal of lesbians, and is rather nice to mix it up seeing as the rest all pretty much look and act the same!


With the influx of fictional lesbian characters, such as in Grey's Anatomy, it is a welcome sight to see the real life portrayal of lesbians (all shapes & sizes), and I agree with Lez Be Proud who state:

"Proper visibility and exposure WILL change the public perception. LezBeProud together!"

Thoughts please!
Do you watch any of these shows?
Do you think they hinder of help the lesbian community?
Who are your favourite characters?



  1. I completely agree with you about The Real L Word. I think its has become so trashy. I want to see lesbians just living their lives. I hate all the sex... We know lesbians have sex and we know how but there is NO need to show it like that. ick!! I do love the couple wanting to have a baby. They are prob the main reason we watch! :)

  2. oooh...i just found your blog! Wegan...i love it!

  3. we haven't seen either yet :(*sobs* but they sound better than The L Word.. cos that was so not very realistic.... as all lesbian women aren't femme with perfect bodies etc etc...
    I did enjoy Lip Service tho.
    I want Fernanda's abs!!!

  4. This was so interesting and I loved getting your point of view! I hadn't heard of some of those shows, but love learning a bit more about everything and sinceI work in TV it is good to see how everything is being portrayed and I agree with you it is often not realistic and reality TV is anything, but all real and unscripted! It must be difficult being away from Whitney again...I'm away from my fiance too and am ready to see him again! :) Thanks again for sharing all of this and I'm glad you enjoy the Real Housewives too...I not so secretly love watching them! LOL!

    Liesl :)

  5. You both have such a great blog and you're such a hot couple. I just read your about me part, that's so cute but long distance is definitely hard. I really like this post and I haven't seen the top shows but I watch the Real Housewives of OC and I totally agree with you how Fernanda mixes it up, and I like how she can stand up for herself against Tamra. The last episode of that show was crazy. LOL
    Following you now
    Thanks for you sweet comments too.

  6. Hello!

    Love your overview of shows-a few I haven't seen yet and most I haven't seen all of (damn you UK TV!!)
    I was really excited about 'The Real L Word' despite not watching the last of 'The L Word' (naughty me!) it was good to see some real life Lesbians who don't look like the sterotypes a lot of mainstream TV portray (though this is improving with Grey's Anatomy etc) I also LOVE Nikki and Jill but likewise don't like all the sex! On any TV show I don't need to see that and it's not doing anything to alter the idea that Lesbians are just there to turn straight guys on!

    I'm excited for Lez get real but I haven't seen it yet, I'll have to look to the internet to help me out there ;)

    Love, love, love that the 'Real Housewives' people are being diverse (well as diverse as a show about spoiled rich ladies can get!) and I admit it's a guilty pleasure!

    Great post Megan-how about a post on fictional lesbians on tv too? ;)
    Emily xx

  7. Watched all the episodes so far of Real L Word season 2--I was a little shocked by all the graphic stuff. Obviously it's appealing to an extent but many of the sex scenes are just so intensely personal that I can't imagine that being played on TV!

  8. I'm all for the sex *lol* and I LOVE Whitney! I much prefer the 2nd season to the first, I think Nikki and Jill were so superficial.

    And I love the fact that they have chosen a couple trying to get pregnant, it's a nice change to all the partying and such that the other characters are doing :)

    But I do think that most people watching this show is watching it for the action, seeing girls hooking up and all, like me :)

    And yes I am a lesbian (not a dude) :) And I'm married(to a woman), have kids and I need some action in my life*lol*


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