Sunday, 25 September 2011

Love Stories ♥ Rande & Britney

We have another beautiful love story for you, submitted by Rande- one of our 'Real Life Lesbians'. She has a great blog about vegetarian food- 'The Vegetable Kitchen' and it's yummy! We love this story, only a girl could dream that you'd meet a hot flight attendant and a great romance would begin! I'll stop now before I give too much away. Take it away Rande...


I had been a Flight Attendant for two years when I was called out last minute to do a flight I had never done before. I wasn't particularly excited about this flight as it was the longest of all of our flights. Little did I know that I would soon be wishing this flight was much longer. I was greeting passengers as they boarded when Britney walked on. If anyone had seen my head turn to watch her pass I'm sure I would have been terribly embarrassed. She literally took my breath away, I'm not even sure I was able to say "hello". The whole flight seemed set up just for us, I happened to be working in the section she was sitting in and her aisle seat made it much easier than if I had been trying to catch her eye leaning over a row full of strangers. We chatted about the book she was reading (I swooned over her charm and intelligence) and I took every opportunity to pick up trash or take care of anyone near her row. I've probably never worked that hard since ;) The parts of the flight where we weren't talking were spent nervously making eye contact, blushing, looking away, etc.


When the flight was about to land I started to panic. I didn't even know her name yet but I knew I would regret it terribly if I didn't do something. The seatbelt sign went off and I scrambled for something to write on, coming up with a ripped paper towel (I found this to be quite humiliating but she assures me it was adorable). I scribbled an awkward note, stood a bit away from the rest of the crew and when the line seemed to magically pause with her right in front of me I pressed it into her hand. I'll never forget the sweet way she tilted her head and thanked me.


Long story short, that was nearly three years ago and with her in St. Louis and me near Seattle we've gone through a lot to be together. It just amazes me that I found this ridiculously beautiful person on an airplane, and we fell in love. I've never met anyone who let me be me so completely and who so fully supported me to be whoever I wanted to be.


The Happy Ending/Happy Beginning to this story (which happens to be my favorite story to tell: The Day I Met The Most Beautiful Girl in the World on an Airplane) is that as of this week, we are no longer long distance. We live in the same state for the first time ever and I'm so excited to see where life takes us next.


As a fellow long distance couple we're SO happy they made it through the distance and no longer have to endure it. HURRAY! Keep us updated ladies. Wegan X


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  1. How adorable are they...super cute and such a sweet story too!

    Liesl :)


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