Friday, 9 September 2011

Real Life Lesbians: Interview with Jo Webber!

Adding to our 'Real Life Lesbians' campaign, we are now also bringing you interviews with some fab Real Life Lesbians.

Megan & Jo in London
Kicking it all off is Jo Webber from the lesbian UK reality show, Candy Bar Girls. Watch the video to hear a bit about why she went on the show and her project 'The Trend Tube'.


Jo & I met up and spent a day wondering around London, culminating in a visit to the Candy Bar itself (where I had not been since Whitney & I shared our first kiss there in September 2011). Whilst there we gave our congratulations to the manager Sandra D who had just got engaged. We also bumped into others from the show: Lizu & Christina Novelli (who we briefly caught on camera) & Danni (wearing a pink wig, may I add).




Watch the video to see our fun day out!

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  1. awww :) i love the pictures love!!

    :) looks like u had tons of fun ..
    how was your week?

    how is Whitney doing?

    i hope you are both good and happy :)

    have a great weekend :)



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