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We bring to you another great love story, a bit similar to Wegan in the way that Karen & Ben met on Myspace & do long distance as well. Karen has a great blog and she is the cousin of Melina who's love story we previously shared. (They are great girls so you should deffo follow them!)

Love Stories: Karen & Ben


I first met Benjamin (Unofficially) Thru good old Myspace back in 2006. (We had a few Mutual Friends)

After many long back & Forth of Messaging each other and Endless Phone Conversations filled with the Usual, "You hang up first".

We decided to Finally Meet & Which better way, than In a group date with our mutual Friends.

Plans were made and the date & Time were set. We would all meet up At our Local Movie theater with our friends.

Lucky For us when that day arrived all of our friends totally flaked on us or in Other words, set us up.

(It wasn't common for 15 year olds to have cell phones yet,so we were basically stuck there Until our parents could pick us up)

Ben & I starred at each other awkwardly for about 10 minutes before actually approaching each other and asking if we were

Karen (Me) and (Benjamin) (Him).

We realized our friends weren't going to be showing up so we made the best out of that night.

We talked for hours, Watched a Movie (The Bench Warmers) & I ended up getting a kiss that night.

After a few weeks Benjamin asked me to be his girlfriend, but unfortunately that soon ended 3 months later.

We had a great relationship, but attended different high schools and at that age Benjamin wasn't really considering serious relationships

so he broke up with me, and of course I was devastated.


1 Year Later...

I received a Message from Benjamin apologizing and asking If I would take him back.

At that time I had moved on to another relationship, So I told Benjamin that we could remain Friends.

Our Usual Endless conversation were back. I probably spoke on the phone with him a lot more than I did with my Boyfriend at the time.

From that point on Ben & I were in and out of each others lives for about 2 years, whether we were just friends or dating.

On September 2009 Benjamin left to the Army and we completely lost touch.

Another year Later(2010) I received another message from Benjamin and we caught up on each others lives.

I was Currently In a Relationship that was going downhill and Benjamin was single and dating a few girls here and there, but nothing serious.

Benjamin was my first puppy love and has always had a special place In my heart.

Ben & I always wondered why we never really gave "US" a chance.

A month with Benjamin back in my life, I soon ended my current relationship at that time.

A few weeks later,I got my thoughts together and I realized that No matter how many times Ben would come and go out of my life my feelings til this day remained the same. Being an Army Girlfriend was something that never even crossed my mind, but I figured this might be the right time to actually give "US" a shot.

With that said, I decided that the distance & all the other challenges that come with being an Army girlfriend wouldn't be enough to keep us apart this time.


& So Our real story Began...

I did what I wanted all along.. I thought more with my heart & less with my head.

& By the end of October me & Ben became an Item.

Since It hadn't been long since I ended my last relationship me & Ben decided to take it slow.

Benjamin was stationed In Korea At the time so we just let things fall into place on their own.

On March 4th 2011 Benjamin Came Home & we were reunited he was In Cali for about 3 weeks.


We spend pretty much every single day together & they were the best 3 weeks of my life!

Thru out those 3 weeks I met Benjamin's entire family.

March 27th 2011 was the date Benjamin had to Report to Kentucky/ Tennessee which is where he is stationed now.

I took a road trip with him there & flew back. And ever since then I got myself a decent paying job and we both pitch in so I can fly out to see him at least once a month. (Even though at times I've had to go 2 or 3 months with out seeing him)

I try to see him As much as possible because Benjamin Will be Coming home to Cali

Towards the End of November for about 2 weeks and go back to Kentucky/Tennessee where he will Be training before having to Deploy to Afghanistan On January 2012. (For those of you that don't know what deploy means well it practically means he's going to war)

He will be stationed there for 11 long months, which will probably turn out to be the longest 11 months of my life ,but I have faith In our relationship and Believe that if we really want to be together than nothing will get in our way.

I love this guy more than I've ever loved anyone or anything in my life & I look forward to the day when he gets back from deployment & we can continue our Journey Together.

We wish Karen & Ben all the best and know they will make it through.

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    this girl is been my biggest support cause she
    understands how much i suffer everyday!

    It's super hard to keep the long distance relationship
    but it all comes down to how bad you want to be with that person

    Like i told her .. i wish her the best.
    She deserves to be happy and i'll make sure
    she gets there.

    Kisses for both of you
    and i watched dexter the other day !

    thank you so much <3
    love ya friends <3


  2. I love love stories! Looking forward to reading this series :) I'm your newest follower!


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