Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Engagement Video + Tumblr Tuesday


We keep getting asked for our engagment video, and as you all know my sister's boyfriend Harry is taking his sweeeeet time haha. However, I had some footage from our engagment celebration where we went on a 5 star sunset dinner cruise in Hawaii! :) Engagement present from my parents. My camera got stolen before I had uploaded pictures from this, which obviously sucks, but Harry had a few pics. Hope you enjoy the video!

Tumblr Tuesday

We love Dexter. What do you think of the new series? Trinity killer next week.. OH EM GEE.

What's your favourite image? All from our tumblr.

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  1. omg i love the pictures!!

    the last one cracked me up
    she is amazing and so straight forward
    SHE DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK! thats for sure ahaha

    i need to catch up
    i am two sundays behind :(

    love the engagement video
    you two look so pretty!





  2. The video is so cute! you guys went all out on that dinner.oh you fancy huh? :P ps that woman in the glasses is gorgeous! I have a picture that a stumbled across and It reminded me of u guys I will be posting it for you on my next post ;)

  3. you guys are just too cute.. wish you much happiness!

  4. You girls are amazing! I enjoy reading your love story in progress!

    Lots Of Love,



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