Love Stories ♥ Stephanie and Corrine

We bring you another great love story that grew from best friends to true love.   These girls are super lovely and you can follow their blog & twitter!  

Love Stories ♥ Stephanie and Corrine

Thank you Megan and Whitney for asking us to tell our love story for your fabulous blog!

Our story is about two best friends who realized they were in love with each other. Corrine (blue-eyes) and Stephanie (brown-eyes) met in college during the second semester of our freshman year. Cori was a nurse major from Connecticut and Stephanie was a journalism major, who later switched to a psychology and human services major, from New York. The date was January 31, 2005, in which our first verbal encounter was at the school’s gym. We bonded over working-out and we quickly became intrigued with each other, and before we knew it, we were best friends. Our friendship was like a both enchanting and persevering. We loved and supported each other not only when we were at our best, but when we were also at our worst. During the beginning of the blossoming friendship, Stephanie was battling and eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, in which she was able to find strength in recovery with the help of Corrine.

Corrine and Stephanie have always dated boys and the idea of dating girls was never a thought in mind. One day, around the summer of 2007, Stephanie began to think about the future and the mere thought of being the Maid of Honor at Cori's wedding and vice versa was an unsettling feeling. Stephanie later realized that she wanted to be the one to place a ring on Corrine’s finger. Cori, on the other hand, didn’t come to this realization as quickly as Stephanie did. Corrine denied any romantic feelings and we continued to maintain a close friendship. During the New Year of 2008, as a failed attempt to move forward from rejection, Stephanie decided to go on a date with her next door neighbor, who happened to be a boy. Corrine became increasingly upset over the notion of Stephanie dating other people, which eventually led her to the realization that she wanted be more than just friends with Stephanie. On January 17, 2008, Corrine and Stephanie became official. Our romance came in a “whirlwind” and brought with it a feeling that we were truly meant to be.

After Stephanie graduated with a MS in psychology and addictions in the summer of 2010, she and Cori embarked on a two week voyage to Italy. Upon our return to the states, we decided that we did not want to live apart anymore. On October 1, 2010, Cori and Stephanie moved into our first apartment in southern Connecticut with our boxer puppy, Madison. Southern Connecticut was the perfect location because it falls right in between Stephanie’s family and Corrine’s family. As of current, Cori is working as a trauma/neurology nurse and Stephanie is working as an addictions/mental health therapist. 

Once the New Year came around (2011) Cori and Stephanie made the decision to get engaged. Cori proposed to Stephanie on February 13, 2011 and Stephanie proposed to Cori on February 26, 2011. During the summer of 2011, we ventured to Paris to celebrate our engagement. Our wedding is dated for October 13, 2012. After our vows are spoken, we will be spending two weeks in Costa Rica, applying to PhD. programs, and starting our new lives as wife and wife. Travel and love... let the adventures begin!

We can't wait for them to get married, and to see the pictures from their beautiful wedding later this year!

Follow their wedding journey at their blog HERE.

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  1. Thank you girls! We are so excited to be featured on WWDN! Such an honor. <3 xo

  2. I envy these two women. Wish my "ex-best friend" had enough courage to stand up for us. I am so happy these two beautiful women figured things out in time. Wishing them both all of the joy in the world.

    Sending love,

    New follower Kira

  3. We love this blog, lovely to see other wedding planning blogging couples! :)
    S and L

  4. i seriously love this stories!
    makes me smile every time :)

    wish them nothing but the best <3

    i hope you two are having the
    time of your life ... enjoy
    every minute of it! what are you
    guys doing for Valentines?


  5. Love does not have any limitations. Keep your love for each other burning and passionate. :)

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