Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Happy Birthday To Meeeeee

Yes I'm doing a post about my own birthday haha. Thought y'all should know that I'm turning 25 today WOAH!! Half of 50!!! haha. 

Feels like a grown up age, and I feel a ok as I have 1) a fiancĂ©e 2) a house 3) a full time job & 4) started driving lessons. This time last year I had none of that turning 24.. as it wasn't until 17th May that we got engaged <3 

I had a really fun night out for my birthday and I was joined by my best friend Karen, my sisters, Laura and Sarah, and my cousin and her friend. 

We had drinks and some food at mine before heading into Windsor town to a new bar. Was a great night and we had many, many laughs! Here are some pictures that were taken with iphones, will do a full update soon with what I got for my birthday.. Last time typing on my Toshiba laptop.. I am now part of the MacBook Pro crew!! OMGGGG so excited!!!!

Of course I was very sad that my girl could not have joined me and missed having her by my side and missing out on all the fun. We've only been together once for my birthday (twice for hers), and last year I celebrated it in Hawaii. My how things change! For a recap of last years birthday adventures in Hawaii, visit this link.

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  1. I'm so happy you had fun for your birthday! You've gained so much in just one year, Whitney must be so proud of you! Just think, in very little time you're going to be a wife! I wish you many more awesome birthdays Megan! As usual I'm sending tons of love to you and Whit! I can only hope to be as awesome as you at 25.

    Your friend,


  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had lots of fun :) X

  3. I hope you had the happiest of birthdays, but from all the pictures, and following you on instagram, I would say you did! You look beautiful and I love the cocktails! :)

  4. Happy birthday!! (again)

    Love this post, and love the pics of all of us - we had so much fun celebrating with you!!!

    Hope 25 is your best year yet!!!!

    Laura & Sarah xoxo


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