Sunday, 10 June 2012

Happy Birthday Whitney!!!!

Today is the day that my baby turns 24! Aw, she's getting all grown up hehe. Unfortunately we are celebrating her birthday apart also, but hopefully we will be having belated celebrations in a mere few weeks!!! :)

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl I know- you are the love of my life and I cannot wait for you to be my wife. 

Who knew I could be a poet ;)

Wish we could be together on this special day, but we will both be receiving the best gift of all when you touch down on England soil for good!!

To make up for not being here.. Here's a little message from me... Oh & some others you may know :)

I love you baby!!!! Aka. Wendy. 
(see her birthday cake below....)

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  1. Happy Birthday Whitney! Love your cake, even though it is the wrong name, it still looks absolutely fabulous!

  2. Awh it's a baby Whitney! Loved the video Megan- very sweet. Hope you had a fabulous birthday and can celebrate it with your darling very soon. Best wishes!

  3. Happy birthday Whitney, I hope you had a lovely day. Thought the video was very cute!! x


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