Thursday, 1 August 2013

What DID We Do Next?!

Now that we no longer have the 1,000's of miles between us, it is not as easy before as it was to find the time to blog about all that's going on in the life of Wegan. When we were together weeks or months at a time, there was always a lot more time apart than together. Now we're finally living our life together, with working full time jobs, it's definitely hard to update you as much as we would like to. We're sorry about that! We thought we'd give you a little run through with what we've been up to via pictures, and a couple of videos! The biggest news is that we have a kitten!! She is called Kisses, and she's only three weeks old. She gets to come home to Wegan Manor in a months time!! Be prepared to see lots and lots of Kisses.

The following pictures are from Megan's instagram, following @meganfromwegan and @wbacon11 on Insta! Sorry it doesn't follow date order.

Latest videos:

So yeah, we did a few things...

Thanks for always being there and continuing to follow us on our journey! Also on a final note- who's a fan of Netflix original series Orange is the New Black?! Yeah, we know- everyone!! If you are yet to watch a great show set in a female prison with lesbian love.. then get off our blog & go watch!! Anyone else think that the main character Piper aka Taylor Schilling looks familiar?...
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  1. Holy crap! I love the picture. It looks like you guys have been having a fabulous time. I love that Michael bag. YAY for no distance. Have a great day ladies. XO

  2. Hha you do look like that girl in the show..btw love all the pictures!

  3. Megan looks a lot like Piper! But Megan you have a really hot body! so you are definitely more beautiful and sexy! ;) Piper needs a body like yours haha

  4. Megan really does look like Piper! :)

  5. For Wegan Manor,


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