Sunday, 1 November 2015

Happy Halloween! 2015

Happy Halloween! 

As it's 1st November, we may have already switched to Christmas season in the UK (yay for America celebrating all things 'fall'!) but we consider it still a Halloween weekend and wanted to share our pictures with you. (We also just watched Hotel Transylvania... so cute!!)

Last year we didn't celebrate Halloween, as we were in Cardiff successfully getting Whitney's visa! (How is that a year ago?!) Then we were onto the Ultimate Planet Awards where I proudly won LBQ Role Model.

This Halloween we spent it with my sisters and close friends. We decided that it was out with the sexy costumes this year.... and we went as Piper Chapman and Alex Vause from Orange is the new black. Though we hope you could easily guess that ;) .... & yes, OMG Harry is dressed as a sanitary towel aka maxi pad!

Trust no bitch. 

Take that Ellen selfie!!... 

I love my boo.

It was certainly fun getting to play the characters from OITNB... and comfy too!! Though I prefer Whitney with blonde hair... that wig sure did make us all laugh!!

 Can we talk about how CUTE Whitney was circa. aged 4 years old for Halloween?? Ouchie!

 What did you go as for Halloween this year?

To round off our Halloween 2015 post, check out our 2nd carving pumpkins video with Design by Larose. I tell ya, carving pumpkins isn't easy!! Or should I say, parving cumpkins..... 

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  1. Omg Whitney's so cute in the cow costume 😱 And Megan you look so much like piper it's so funny😂 I love you both so much and I send you kisses from France 😘❤️


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