What DID Wegan Do in 2013?!

Now that we're in the New Year, I thought it is about time we updated you as to what we ACTUALLY did in 2013, as I managed to not blog about a lot of it.. So sorry. Don't hate me! Here's a run through what we got up to from the start (including some actual blog posts, go me!)

Our lives changed forever as Whitney landed her first job in the UK, meaning that for the first time in our relationship, we were both working at the same time!

We celebrated Valentines Day with beautiful meaningful gifts and a trip to London's Ice Bar and Mexican restaurant Wahaca for dinner.

We updated you that there were no plans for our wedding in 2014 as it will be in 2015! Woops but hooray as planning time is finally here! Oh em geeee!

We met up with the lovely girls Kaelyn & Lucy aka our bff's who are also a long distance couple from America & UK.

We also met up with the hilarious and ever-so-in-love couple that is Rose Ellen Dix & Rosie!

Megan gave you an update post about hand, 'Handy'.

We did this is 2012 but we finally blogged all about our Civil Partnership!

We even did a Spring What Wegan Wore post!

Megan turned 26 years old! (hello crows feet!)

We went back to America aka 'MUUURICA for 2 weeks, which was amazing!

Whitney turned 25 years old! My family and I went all out with an American theme & Southern style food!

We said goodbye to DOMA in America, HELLO to gay marriage in the UK and ALOHA to gay marriage in Hawaii! Awesome!!

We went to London Pride, which was awesome!

I posted a bunch of random pics to update you as to what we had been up to.. how nice of me!

We attended my cousins wedding at the end of July- Congratulations to Alice & Kev!

We attended another cousins wedding at the end of August- Congratulations to Alex & Lisa!

We brought home our beautiful first born, Kisses the Kitten!

We met up with the talented singing duo Bria and Chrissy!

We went on an amazing family holiday to Crete, Greece and stayed in the most stunning villa!

We had our 1st Anniversary as Wife & Wife! I forgot to blog about it but we had the most wonderful day. We went back to Danesfield House, where we had our Civil Partnership reception, followed by dinner at Gilbeys in Eton. It was just a truly lovely day, which lots of champagne!

28th September 2012
28th September 2013

We also celebrated our 5 year anniversary!

We launched Wegan Merch, you can buy it here and we personally send your order!
We celebrated Halloween... very drunkenly with Whitney's work colleagues.. woops!

We hosted our first ever Thanksgiving, and it was a success!

We celebrated Christmas and New Years with Whitney's mother & Megan's family.

It truly was a fantastic year, we are so grateful for the wonderful life that we live together, and look forward to the year to come! We'll be hanging out with some peeps you may recognise- Lucy & Kaelyn and Rose & Rosie in April, PLUS we'll be doing a meet & greet with them! It's going to be too fun to handle! We'll also be finally saying Alohaaaa to Hawaii in August as we return for a friends wedding! Other than that, it's wedding planning for 2015!

What are your cherished moments of 2013 and what are you looking forward to in 2014?

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