Your Parents React Badly To You Coming Out as LGBTQ+, Now What Happens?

If you’re worried to come out because your parents might react badly, or they have already reacted badly, then keep reading...👇

When we both came out as LGBTQ+ at 15 (Whitney) & 16 (Megan) it may surprise you to know that both of our mothers reacted very badly. We’re not talking for a day or two but months... but years! They feared the worst for us. They thought we wouldn’t live happy and fulfilled lives... How wrong they were! We also learned that Megan's mum struggled as it felt like she had to come out too. This is something that we hadn't considered before and just as you may take a while to come to terms and feel proud saying that you're LGBTQ+, they too make take a while to proudly say announce, in our mother's case, "this is my daughters wife". 

With time they both saw that and now not only accept us but feel that they have gained another daughter. Fast forward to 2017, and our mothers walking happily arm in arm to our wedding ceremony! 👰 👰 We both didn’t think we’d see that day! What's more, that they're also now BFF's!

We’ve found that it’s true when they say that time heals all... However we also know that this may not be a happy ending for all who’s parents react negatively, and we hope you know that you’re love and accepted in the LGBTQ+ family and you can find your own family because L O V E makes a family! 💕

Luckily there are other amazing mom's out there, spreading their love to the LGBTQ+ community and supporting those who have no parental support.

Shannon Beveridge's mom, Debbie, has always been an amazing advocate and LGBTQ+ ally (it's in her instagram bio after all). She has filmed a video that she's wanted to do a long time; speaking about Shannon coning out and her reaction as well as advice for those coming out to their parents / caregiver. We absolutely love Deb and highly recommend you watch this, especially if you're a parent struggling to come to terms with your child coming out. Warning: this may make you cry. 

A fabulous follower of ours, Mackenzie, has such an amazing supportive mom that it makes our heart burst! She's even joined Free Mom Hugs/ Mama Bears which  "is a group of affirming moms who offer support, hugs, and love to LGBTQ+ kids who are not supported by their own families" and you can read all about her in her interview on Mackenzie's blog.  (Psst, her coming out story is a great read too!)

Our parents also need support too, so hopefully the above can help not only you but your parents too. 

We’re always here if you need to chat in the comments & DM’s.

If we have any mothers (or parents) of LGBTQ+ children and you want to tell your story, then please do share comment below or drop us an email. 🌈

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