Sunday, 6 September 2009

First Post...

Hello all (or none),


It's Megan here, one half of 'Wegan'. I have decided to set up this blog today, mainly out of sheer boredom, but also I felt that if anyone were to stumble across this, then they may find our love story somewhat endearing... or even, inspiring. I'm not getting egotistical here, honest! Our 'love story' may end up inspiring the young pretty little blonde lesbian who thinks she may never find love... or it may inspire or reassure hetero & homo couples all over the world that hey, sometimes long distance relationships actually work!

So I may start of by summarising the so far 'life' of Wegan. There's no point in denying that the birth of Wegan's existence started way back in the days of myspace... & I say 'way back' because we knew each other online roughly 3 years before actually meeting. This is also where our thanks to facebook came in, for enabling our constant messages leading up the day when Whitney, being a London-lover from the age of 8 or there abouts, came over to the UK to do a term at a London University in 2008. Thus we met the first weekend she arrived, and as they say, the rest is history!


From the day met met (20th September) & became 'official' (5th October, we are lesbians after all...) Wegan enjoyed trips back & forth between London & Cardiff (where I'm at University). Our life in actual physical contact sadly came to an end on 20th December... but clearly, Wegan did not cease. Finding a love such as ours we decided is pretty rare and deserves its pursuit. Now Wegan have been fully long-distanced for the whole of 2009.


Of course, long-distance is no walk in the park, but we'll get to that later. It has so far lead to me spending a glorious 3 weeks in Hawaii March-April 2009. & then Whitney visited moi for 3 weeks Juy-August 2009, where we spent great times in Cardiff, France & London/ Windsor. Now most couples don't get to go on holiday together in their first year together... let alone visit places such as Paris, Hawaii & London. Hell, my parents have been together over 20 years & have yet to been to all three!


Now that your up-to-date with a whistle stop tour of Wegan, you have landed in our lives of September 2009. Our 1 year anniversary is next month, and we are holding onto a glimour of hope that I will be able to visit Whitney in Hawaii for it. All I need is to be rich or find a miracle this month...

This blog is simply to detail our somewhat un-interesting lives apart & our amazing lives together. So hold on tight, it may be a bumpy ride but not too boring I hope ;)

Megan x


  1. I did write something..but it dissepeared!!!


    I think you girls are really are just ment to be.
    Ì`m going to keep reading your blog. so never stop write! :)

    My girl is moving to paris now, and i will still be in Norway some months..Not looking forword to it. But the things that doesn`t brake you, make you stronger, right?!

    And the world is not so big longer..Our GF are just one flight away! We have internet.msn. Phone. Skype, yeah everything! Things they didn`t have before, and even they managed!!
    *oh yes, you have to se the film"love in the time of cholera" ;)

    Keep it strong girls! And so will we <3 <3 <3

    xx silje

  2. I really think this is the most awful self indulgence to hit the Internet, ok your a lesbian couple who havn't had a civil partnership, adopted and broke up within six months of meeting, I will give you that for originality, but please why here? Write a diary! Collect vaginal stained items and pubic hairs if you must and put together a scrap book for future coffee table Reading, as for tarnishing the blog circuit with this wrenching self love, no, just no.

  3. Lighten up love, is just a bit of fun :)

    & thanks for giving us a new idea to add to our collection ;)

  4. HAHA! what a stupid thing to say. It`s not even worth to comment back. so i should`t anonymous..:P you are a bowl of sunshine, ain`t you!

  5. I'm sure Anon is just jealous. Megan, I just love your blog and it's nice to see someone documenting their relationship to share with the world. It's a testament to the power of love and that long distance relationships can work. It has nothing to do with your sexuality and obviously Anon is too blinded by their own hatred and fear to see it for what it is. You said it best - "lighten up love".


Thank you so much for reading our blog and taking the time to leave us a lovely comment. We read them all so keep them coming! Wegan X

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