Wednesday, 3 August 2011

More WWDN Vlogs from Hawaii!!

Ooh these videos just don't stop do they? haha. Sorry that they are SO behind the actual events, buit nonetheless still rather fun to watch. This video is from May and it features Megan's sister & her boyfriend arriving, plus Megan's 24th birthday & others birthdays! So please do give it a watch :)

This video is a rather hilarious re-cap of a taxi driver we met one night in Hawaii. She had long straggly blonde hair, looked like she had been in the sun way too long & smoked too much weed. Harry's impression is very accurate in what she shounded like and the story she told. No elaboration believe it or not! Seeing as her story was about Dog the Bounty Hunter, we thought we would go looking for his house in Portlock, Hawaii. This is the big gate of his, hard to miss right?...

Watch it in action:

If we could find the episode Monica was in, that would be hilarious!

We hope you enjoyed! We're getting a cam corder on Friday (hurray) so we will film a bit of Wegan in South Carolina for you hopefully.

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