Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tumblr Tuesday!

We love Tumblr, A LOT. So we thought why not have a Tumblr Tuesday where we recap our favourite tumblr posts. They will all be taken from our tumblr, so follow us if you aren't already!

Firstly though we just want to say

To read how this day came about go here. Whether you're LGB or straight you can support this day, click here.

All images from tumblr.

I'm watching Despicable Me. I first watched it on the plane to visit Whitney in Hawaii. Who else has watched it? I LOVE IT SO MUCH. "It's so fluffy!!!"

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  1. ah yes.. that is such a good movie.. I love the part where the little girl says does this count as annoying and smacks her cheeks...

  2. haha yes that is it.. Makes me laugh every time- that little girl is so cute... thanks for sharing!

  3. aww i love it!!
    I wish you would of chosen another
    day so i could link up with you
    but i have whats on my mind tuesdays :(

    love the pictures love!


  4. Dear Wegan,
    I love your "Weganese," the language you use in your blog.."Woot!?" Very adorable. I try to teach my British GF American slang terms like, "Bummer" and "What's up?" which end in hilarious results,(she doesn't get it, and believes my language is daft! Which makes me laugh more~)
    My Q for you is: What have you taught each other about your culture and have you found similarities in your lives which have become a part of your being a couple.
    I wish you both a long and happy life together. You certainly are the cutest, happiest couple I have seen....Best of luck to you.

  5. Love that you guys do a Tumblr Thursday, too!


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