Thursday, 5 July 2012

Love Stories ♥ Kaelyn and Lucy

We bring you a love story from a fellow English and American lesbian couple doing long distance. They recently found our blog and we have enjoyed swapping finding a couple who truly knows what it's like to do LDR between the UK & USA. We wish them all the best as they continue to conquer long distance and looking forward to meeting up hopefully next year when Kaelyn visits :)

Love Stories: Kaelyn & Lucy

Hey guys!

Here is our love story for your blog - hope you liked it! :) Lucy and Kae Xx

(Lucy - left & Kaelyn - right)

Lucy and I starting dating on June 16, 2010 and began the most unlikely relationship.  Lucy and I met through mutual friends and although I was openly gay to my close friends, Lucy was still overwhelmingly in the closet.  I had just graduated from College with my Bachelor's degree and she was getting ready to start her last year in Sixth Form in England.  We were separated by the Atlantic Ocean and four years of age difference.  One morning, I woke up to a random e-mail from Lucy explaining that she too was gay but was drowning in the secret and unwanted feelings.  We began e-mailing every day, just supporting each other in every aspect of our life. I found myself sitting and waiting for her emails, wanting to talk to her more and more, and thinking about her before I went to bed - but I kept trying to convince myself that I was crazy and my feelings were completely useless with the separation we faced.  After many weeks of pushing my feelings aside, I finally told her that I found myself falling in love with her, despite the age difference and distance.  And that's when we began.  

We started the next chapter of our lives – Lucy at University and myself in St Kitts getting my doctorate – and we found that the support we could get from each other was invaluable.

I finally came out to my family in December 2010. Because I live in a different country than my parents, I had planned on coming out to them when I came home for three weeks to celebrate Christmas.  I thought I would tell them early in the break so if they needed to talk about it, I would be there.  Well… that didn’t work out and I found myself trying to figure out how to tell my mom and dad in the car on the way to the airport at 4:00am.  I put off telling them in the car and I put it off until I couldn’t put it off any longer.  We were literally standing at the line for security when I started sobbing.  I told my parents I needed to tell them something- They thought I was a) pregnant, b) arrested, or c) failed out of school. After the fact, I found it quite amusing that my mom put pregnancy and failing out in the same category.  I told them “I’m gay”… my dad started crying.  My mom hugged me.  They said they loved me no matter what and I kept telling them that I’m sorry for telling them in the middle of the airport.  After we hugged, I literally just picked up my stuff and went through security.  I didn’t tell them about my girlfriend until about a month later because I wanted them to have time to process that before I brought the person I love into the mix.  They seemed more upset that I had hid someone that I was going to marry from them.  I came out to my sister a few months later and that was much more difficult.  But my parents have completely accepted Lucy at this point and my sister is slowly getting there.

I realized that there’s no perfect coming out story and it’s never going to go the way you plan.  But you just have to do it and even if there’s consequences, you’ll feel so relieved afterwards.  It was something that I had worried about, nearly made myself sick over for so many years and the second after I did it, I felt a huge weight off my shoulder.  
I’ve now come out to all my friends, family, colleagues and I haven’t had a single bad reaction.  I’m sure people aren’t completely comfortable with it but I truly think we’re in a day in age when people’s perceptions about the topic are changing and every person who comes out just influences that a little bit more.
This is Lucy’s coming out story: My story is a little more humorous. It had gotten to the point where I just kept putting it off constantly, so Kaelyn and I decided on a date where I was just going to bite the bullet and do it. Originally I was going to tell them on Skype (I don’t live at home so I couldn’t do it face to face). My parents weren’t on Skype but I just wanted to get it done… so I sent them an email. I know that sounds odd, but actually, it was quite a nice way of doing it. Anyway, I’d spent the day googling how other people had ‘came out’ via email and was copying and pasting bits that I liked so that I could take inspiration and form my own email. I finished the email in the evening, took a deep breath, and hit send. 5 minutes later, I checked back to read it over (because I always do that), and saw that I had accidentally forgotten to cut out the bits and pieces that I’d been copying and pasting all afternoon. So there was my beautifully crafted email, signed from me, and then underneath that, it read, ‘I will always love you Mom and Dad. Hope you’ll love me too. Love from your son, Ed.’ Needless to say I had a mini panic attack and cried for about 6 hours thinking that I’d messed up my entire life etc etc. But my parents were absolutely wonderful about it, and tactfully didn’t mention ‘Ed.’ Good old Ed.
We survived a full year without seeing each other again until Lucy took a trip to the United States with some friends and made her last stop in St. Kitts in July 2011.  She visited for six days, got to meet our son (the cat, Alfie!) and even went to class with me.

(July 2011)

We went our separate ways, teary eyed and lonely again, and survived another semester apart. We saw each other again in December 2011. I travelled to England to celebrate a belated Christmas and New Years with Lucy at her home in Oxford and London.  We spent another six days together before I had to head back for classes to start.

After surviving ANOTHER semester of Veterinary school and University, I got to travel back to England for a full TWO weeks with Lucy during my break in April 2012.  We spent time at her University and went back home to visit her parents as well.  It was the best two weeks we ever had because we weren't rushed and overwhelmed by the priorities of seeing everyone.

 (April 2012)

As of today, I'm in my sixth semester of Veterinary school (Only 4 more to go!) and Lucy just finished her first year at University.  Lucy is traveling to Michigan to meet my family (for the first time!) in August 2012 and again in December.  In January, I start my fourth year residency back in the States, which includes working seven days a week, making visiting each other difficult.  A year from January, I'll graduate with my Doctorate and Lucy graduates from University in June of the same year.  At this point, we'll begin looking for jobs and homes for us in England when we can finally move in together and never have another countdown.  

Although life is currently stressful for both of us, we figure out ways to make it work and push through the hard times with strength and courage.  Lucy is the love of my life and every day I'm thankful that I found her when I did.  It's unbelievable that two completely different people from two different sides of the world can fall so madly in love with each other and appreciate the other in a way that defines the commitment in our relationship.  We are slowly beginning to plan the next steps in our life. We want to spend the rest of our lives together and no political or religious movement is going to stop that.

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  1. How fantastic their story is!! It makes me so frustrated that America is not as easy for same sex unions as England seems to be, since you gals (S+L, Wegan, and now K+L) all end up choosing to live in England over the States.

    1. It frustrates us too! We had all these wonderful plans for the things we'd do in the States but they have ALL been readjusted to live in the UK for longer. The hardest part is having a family ready to love, accept and welcome us in the US while here we have an un-accepting, unwelcoming challenge to get my parents onside! Ah the joys of being a transatlantic couple :) S xo

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  2. I first found Lucy and Kae on tumblr just a little while ago, and it's ago nice to read more of their 'love story' - although it definitely makes me feel so privileged to live with my girl day in, , day out. Having said that, going down and staying with my family for pride this weekend will be the first time Stace has ever been to my parents house, and will probably be when I come out to my little brother... We'll see how it goes!

    Carley xx

  3. This was so sweet! My coming out story was beautifully uneventful, but my girlfriend emailed her parents and said it worked out great for her. Thank you for sharing.

  4. They are adorable and look so in love...and that is all that matters! Loved reading about them and their journey together! Great posts, as always!!! Hopefully one day the US will make it as easy as it should be for two people who love each other to be together! :)

  5. Aw bless... The two of you look so so cute and adorable...
    Thank you for sharing your stories... <3

  6. Their love story is certainly a beautiful one. And it’s nice to read about how love, no matter what form it is, can give two people the ultimate happiness and satisfaction that can make living a lot more wonderful. Hm, come to think of it, their story can make a good plot for a romance novel. ;)

  7. I love Kae and Lucy! They are adorable, wholesome, friendly, supportive...the whole package. They give us all hope...and like you Wegan, they are an inspiration :)

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  9. OMG! You two are both so cute and so adorable! I would totally fuck both of you with my throbbing male penis and jizz buckets all over all four of your pretty little boobs! Stay strong sisters! xoxoxoxo

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