Thursday, 30 January 2014

Come Meet & Greet Wegan, Luclyn & The Roses!

In April we are meeting up with our fab friends Kaelyn & Lucy and Rose & Rosie. They are also fellow Youtubers, so we thought it would be a great idea to have a joint meet up! So if you want to see our faces, or Luclyn or The Roses then please do RSVP to our event!

Where will the meet up be? It will be in London, UK on 26th April 2014. Full venue details and location are still to be worked out.

At the moment we are gathering RSVP's to figure out how many of you lovelies want to actually come meet up. No point us getting a venue too big or too small! We hope to accommodate all of those who wish to meet us.

IMPORTANT UPDATE- WEGANERS! We need donations to help make #ROSWEGLYN happen- Luclyn, Wegan & The Roses Meet Up!   Click to donate or to find out why (we need to fit over 700 of you lovelies somewhere!)

We can't wait to meet all of you and it will be a fantastic day!

Please not that RSVP-ing is not a guaranteed ticket, it is the first step in us planning this amazing day! To register your RSVP either click here, or on the form below.

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  1. Why do people have to donate and/or pay to meet you? It's great you're in love and all, but I'm not sure why people would want or need to pay to be in your presence, unless you were celebrities or something? (You're not, are you?) Plenty of open spaces out there after all. Do you charge your friends for the privilege of seeing you? I really don't get it...

    I'm in a lesbian relationship that has endured and survived a period of long-distance apart and I get that aspect of your story. But surely the whole point now you're together is to focus on each other, rather than this strange need you have to "please your fans" by as many different means of communication as possible the looks of it. Charging people to see you really is a bit much considering you're just, at the end of the day, a bunch of lesbian couples.

    I'm pretty new to this Wegan (and various other lesbian "look at me!" couples) thing but have tried to catch up on the back story as much as possible - am I missing something obvious? Thanks in advance!

  2. Usually it's to pay for the venue or the money goes to a charity it doesn't necessarily go to them. It cost money to fit 700 people in one building. I think it's nice of them coming from a fan. They took the time to actually put something together for their fans. I'm sure their intentions are not to be famous or to be rich but to inspire and change lives of people.
    Even if the money would go to them that's their business who cares? People would do anything to meet this lovely couple obviously they made an impact on thousands of people.


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