Sunday, 31 October 2010

6 Days!!!

Oh yes. 6 days to go!!! That's how cool me & my sister are hehe!

Thought I may 'treat' you into an insight of Wegan's first 2 trips to Hawaii. I've since got a HD camera which isn't compatible with the video editing programme I have. Major boo!

1st Wegan in Hawaii (March/April 2009)...

2nd Wegan in Hawaii (Oct 2009)
Btw I believe that my sad faces are due to Whit not wanting to be filmed, the fact it's raining & also because Whit put sand down my bikini bottoms LOL!

M x

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Wegan In Hawaii: IT'S OFFICIAL!!!


9 DAYS Y'ALL!!!!!

Yups that's all, only 9 days until Wegan are reunited!!! :) :) :) Needless to say we cannot wait to see each other again! EEEE!!!!! (See how excited I am that I'm finding it hard to actually put it into words hehe). I'm setting off on the 6th Nov (YAY) & arrive back on 17th Nov (BOO). Got a LONG journey ahead of me, but of course, it is worth every mile & hour travelled :) Can't wait to be greeted by Whit at the airport!!

Here are a few things that I can't wait for:
(Sorry big pic post!)

To be greeted by this view whilst approaching our favourite beach:

& then be rewarded by this view:

To have our feet in the sand:

& to have sandy kisses:

To sit next to my girl whilst she's driving:Photobucket

& to have her hand on my leg:

To visit beautiful Hanauma Bay & do some snorkeling:

To take a day trip to the North Shore:

& eat our favourite Thai food (yum yum!):

A lot of sunbathing:

& more sunbathing...:

To witness beautiful sunsets together:

& to be snuggled up whilst doing so:

To have cuddles from my girl:

To fool around & laugh our arses off, as we do:

To enjoy some yummy cocktails together:

To have this desert, I have been craving it for MONTHS! haha:

Oh & perhaps a bit more of this... ;)

Wow that has got me very excited & filled my heart with joy. Just can't wait to be there already!!! No doubt we'll take MANY MANY pics & will try to do some joint blog updates, yay!

M x

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Want To Be A Featured Love Story?

Hey all,

So I've been thinking about the fact that we set up WWDN not only to bore you all with the journey of Wegan, but also to enlist a tiny spark of help/support/encouragement/reassurance to lesbians out there looking for love or anybody in long distance relationships. However clearly we're not the only couple like this, so I think it would be great to feature on here YOUR stories of love. Whether you're LGB/straight, in LDR or live together or down the road together. If you've got a love story to share, we want to hear it!

Are you a couple who have made it through the odds? Are you going through LDR or have you made it to the other side? Have you found your soul mate, your one & only?

I just think it'd be great to spread some more love & happiness through the world. <3

So if you want to be featured, please drop us an email with story & a pic (5 max) to (Or for those that 'know' me just pop me a message on facebook). I'll probably post a love story once a week.

I look forward to hearing from you!! :)

M x

Megan's Gay Rights & Rants


Well lately I seem to be posting a lot about gay rights and whatnot, which will not surprise those who know me as it's always been a passion of mine for many many years! Even though it is completely un-Wegan related, it is a part of me and ultimately a part of Wegan as these are issues very dear to both our hearts. It's just that I'm the active ranting one ;) So with that all being said, I bring you another new section I have entitled 'Megan's Gay Rights & Rants' (coz that I'm just that cool!). I'll try not to inundate you with too many of these posts, but I'm sure some of you out there will appreciate them.

This week I bring you some great influential & inspiring videos which are definitely worth a watch. These have either been circulating around the web or submitted to me (so if you come across anything you think I'd love please do send it my way!)

Firstly there has evidently been many 'It gets Better' videos flying around the internet by many various gay and straight celebs to instill support and hope. I think it is great that Barack Obama joined in with promoting this poignant message, so check it out here:

I think the following video is very clever, and is also a view point that I often operate from. So next time someone asks 'when did you decide to be gay?' ask them, 'when did you choose to be straight?'

Following the same sort of theme, this 17 year old girl has been reblogged a lot with her interesting explanation to 'what does it mean to be a lesbian?'

Last in the video bombardment, I hate the use of the word 'gay' as a pejorative, and these ads are brilliant in trying to challenge it. Here's one featuring Wanda Sykes & another with Hilary Duff:

Knock it off!!

And finally, there was a horrific news story a couple of days ago about how a newspaper in Uganda published the 'top 100 homosexuals' in the country, accompanied with pictures and addresses. This is just simply so shocking/awful/terrible/disgusting/scary/hateful. It's also a big eyeopener to the fact that we cannot live in a little gay bubble thinking homophobia is a thing of the past. It still exists in the our country in one way or another, and it explicitly exists in other countries, such as Uganda, where being gay and loving one another is a crime. So be thankful for the world that we do live in, but don't get complacent about the lives of others around us.

M x

Thursday, 21 October 2010



Ok, well trying not to get TOO carried away here haha. But this has been a long time coming & the ball has finally started rolling so... basically...



Ok it's still no where near 100%, but it's closest that we've been in AGES to seeing each other so AHH so excited! I won't find out one way or another until next week, so it leaves booking the tickets very last minute but EEEE keep your fingers & everything crossed y'all!!! & hold Wegan tight if it doesn't go to plan!...

M x

P.s I'm ALWAYS followed/taunted by Hawaii everywhere, and at the moment Nikki & Jill from the Real L Word are out there having their honeymoon, & Raquel from TRLW is also heading out to Hawaii. Oh AND one of my fav singers, Adam Lambert is touring there next week! No fair? Or a sign?

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wearing Purple Today? 20/10/10


Megan's wearing purple today. Are you?

I hear that quite a few of u are wearing purple from the UK to the USA and everywhere. Thought it'd be great to collate a 'bigger picture' so to speak.

We're making a collage of all you gorgeous people supporting the cause from around the world! It will feature on

So please submit a pic of yourself wearing purple to Wegan either via commenting/ tumblr/ twitter/ or email us at

M x

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Wear Purple For Spirit Day


Hey all,

Just a quick update here to just inform or remind you lovely people out there to wear purple tomorrow. 'Why is that?' Well, Glaad are running a spirit day to honour LGB teens who have committed sucide. There are many different ways you can pledge your support on twitter or facebook. Follow the link for more info:


In other news, It’s getting cold here. REALLY cold. & Whit's not going to be here this time to hold my hand or keep me warm :( Sad times!

M x

Monday, 18 October 2010

Legalize Gay

Sorry no interesting blog updates my dears, I've (Megan) been sick/ ill all week with a damn virus/ cold. It's still persisting and doesn't want to say goodbye quite yet. How dare it! I have been rather loving tumblr and reblogging random stuff. Thought I'd share with you a few fav pics that have been floating about around the net, with a 'What Megan & Whitney Did Next' update coming soon (promiseee):

Firstly, I really realllly want this top. Surely its a must for Wegan's wardrobe? Already got the 'Some people are gay. Get over it!' & 'Love your inner lesbian' t-shirts. Surely it's time to rock out the USA gay rights? lol. (Baby psst, it's buy 1 get 1 free). I also rather love it because of the Real L Word peeps ;)

This is how Whit spends her class time, cute! <3

True that <3

Also I think this campaign is spot on! It's always my answer to 'so when did you realise that you're gay?' Though my fav is when a straight guy asks don't I want to sleep with a man to make sure I'm gay, I ask does he not want to make sure he's not gay... Works every time! ;)

I'm obsessed with hearts <3

Lastly watch this video of this brave man giving a heart breaking speech about gay teen sucide <3

That's enough for a random post I'm sure, hope y'all having a good Monday wherever you are!

M x

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Wegan's Top Tips For Long Distance!

Well it's about time that Wegan, as a clear example of how to make a long distance relationship (LDR) not only survive but work, should put out there our top tips to those embarking on a LDR or trying to make one work. We don't claim it's easy or that bumps don't come along the road. But if you truly love each other, it's worth every mile apart in order to be together again.

Wegan's Top Tip For LDR

1) Make sure you both love each other enough to make it work. If you're starting out on an LDR, you both have to want to put in the same amount of effort for it to work. It won’t work if the effort is all one sided.

2) Don't listen to the haters who think it won't work or last. They just simply haven't found anyone they love enough that they couldn't live without, even if it meant living apart for a while.

3) Make sure that despite being apart you're still involved in each other's lives; even down to the boring mundane details. It makes you stay connected.

4) Keep in contact. Constantly! Utilise the internet, it's the making of LDR!

5) Facebook is a great tool to keep each other updated in each others lives, we message on it constantly in our own threads (which are 1000's of message long, facebook had to branch our latest thread haha woops). You also get to keep in contact with what each others friends & family are up to, so you don't have to miss out.

6) Webcam when as much as you can (I know LDR can make it super hard due to time differences). Being able to actually see each other is one of the greatest blessings of the internet. If you can't webcam together, record a video for one another and send it to their mailbox (

7) Fixing a date for the next time you will be together helps, A LOT! This keeps you going just by the simple thought that you're reassured you'll be in each others arms again. Even if it's months down the line!

8) Do not stress each other out to see each other! We've learnt this the hard way, whilst a date does help, constantly trying to push for one when it just cannot happen does not. When you're both leading busy lives means it's not always down to the individual no matter how much you want to see each other. Leading different lives means there are constraints you cannot control. Accept it!

9) Trust each other. Being far apart (no matter if it's two hours in the same country, or half way round the world) is always hard. A relationship won’t work without trust, and will always be a fall down if one does not fully trust the other.

10) Capturing memories when you're together keeps you going & reminds you how you are when you're together. We looooove our pictures, which is a great way to remind you of the small and great experiences you've shared together. Videos are also great for that (though doesn't help Whit hates me filming haha, she appreciates it when we're apart).

11) If you're in different countries, look to see if who your phone contract with encompasses international calling or texts (t-mobile does in the UK), or if you can add an international bundle for a small price a month that gives you international calling minutes for example. Whilst webcamming is great, it's not the best if you're out & about or away from internet, and you just want to hear your lovers voice or get their opinion on something you're buying!

12) Most importantly, keep that love alive. Expressing how much you love each other in text always helps, as it does of course on the phone or over webcam. Being long distance has it's advantages of reverting back to the good old days of letter writing, there's nothing like receiving a package from your loved one!

That's it for now! Let us know your thoughts on this, and if you have any top tips to add, please share! :)

Wegan x

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Wegan On Tumblr!


We have finally joined the micro blogging site Tumblr. Still getting our heads round it though it seems like a pretty cool little site to accompany this blog. It will be a place where we post quick updates, pictures or random stuff- but here will still be where the main updates are!

So if you're on tumblr please follow us & we'll follow you back!

M x

P.s I'm in the process of setting my own one up so follow me also if you want to:

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Happy Wegan Anniversary!

05/10/10: Wegan's 2 Year Anniversary!!


As Wegan, we love to celebrate most of our monthly anniversaries (because we're a bit sickening like that haha). But also it's because we may also not be together for the big ones, & today is one of them!

[Wegan on the date we became offical]

Even though we are sadly apart for our 2 year anniversary I couldn't let the day go by without a mention. This time last year we were able to celebrate our 1 year together in Hawaii. We spent the day at the beach, gave each other cards & went our for dinner. What we wouldn't give to be back there! Our packages for each other haven't arrived yet so that's still something to look forward to.


Happy Anniversary baby! Here's to many more <3 Can't wait to celebrate 05/10 with you.


I love you

M x

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