Friday, 22 June 2012

3 Days To GO!!!!

Can you believe it?! A mere 3 days (nearly 2!) separate the Whitney and the Megan being finally fully reunited as Wegan one last and final time!!

It's still so surreal!!!! This weekend is going to fly by. So much to do to get everything ready for her arrival!

Today was my last ever day at work without Whitney waiting for me at home. How crazy but wonderful is that?! Getting out of bed sure is going to be even harder.... lol.

This is also our LAST weekend apart!! Bring it on. I cannot wait for Monday :) :) :)

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  1. Im so glad yall were able get the visa and book a flight so quick! No more waiting games! Congrats again!! :)

  2. I never want to rush a Monday, but for you gals I will. Tminus 3 days until Wegan!

  3. We are so incredibly excited for the both of you!

    -Monica & Angel

  4. So excited for you girls! Congrats!!

  5. Oh my god! I've been away and just read the good news! I'm ridiculously excited for the two of you. Two years ago I remember counting down the days till I was mving to the UK from Germany to finally be with my baby. It was scary, nerve wracking and the best thing that has ever happened to me. Best of luck! Save journey to Whitney :)


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